The comforting advantages of Panasonic's 3D technology

Comfortable 3D Eyewear

Light & Soft, Comfortable
for a Long Time Use

Panasonic's Comfortable 3D Solution
Gentle on the eyes

Cross Talk Reduction,
Clear & Eye-Friendly
3D Image

Easy-to-see motion images

Smooth Motion in 24p
Cinema & Real Depth
Reproduction in Sports Scene

Helping to standardize 3D technology

Effort to Develop 3D Comfort Guidelines &
3D Glasses Communication Protocol Standerdization

Ease of use

Free Watching Style for
the Plural Viewers & Quick
Battery Charge

Picture Quality Gentle on the eyes
Fast Switching Phosphor Plasma

Reduced afterglow time of 1/3 to the conventional product.

Fast response IPS-LCD

New materials and narrow gap accelerate LCD panel's response speed twice as fast as conventional models.

Adoptive cross-talk canceller
Natural 2D/3D conversion
Easy-to-see motion images
3D Cinema Smoother

3D Cinema Smoother offers smooth 3D motions interpolating extra frames in 24p cinema.

3D Motion Remaster Equipped on all 2012 VIERA TVs & Home Cinema Projector, PT-AE8000/AT6000

Precisely reproduces real depth in sports scene, resolving the illusion of depth in conventional frame sequential method.

More about 3D Motion Remaster (122KB)
3D Eyewear Comfortable 3D Eyewear
World's Lightest Weight *1  27g

Made with light and soft nylon material used for medial implements. This feather-light glasses give soft and comfortable wearing experience.

Ease of use
Quick Charge

Two minutes charging via USB gives approx. three hours of battery life. It is convenient for immediate use.

Bluetooth® Communication*2

An RF system, non-directional communication between TV and glasses enables 3D viewing in wide space for the plural viewers.

Automatic 3D Mode Detection

Automatically detects the side-by-side 3D broadcast signal and displays it correctly.

Standardization Helping to standardize 3D technology
Effort to Develop 3D Comfort Guidelines

From production to viewing, End to End guideline development and enlightenment activities. Collaborative research with medical schools.

3D Glasses ommunication Protocol Standerdization (November, 2011)FULL HD 3D GLASSES

*1 Lightest active-shutter-method 3D Eyewear with RF (wireless) system based on Bluetooth® RF communication, as of February 7, 2012

*2 The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc.