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Solution Case Studies [002]
3D content production

Japan’s first(*1) 3D regular music show produced

This program has been planned for 3D broadcasting, and produced using Full HD 3D systems through the entire process including shooting.
In addition to the 3D production system comprising Panasonic professional 3D equipment, the original production techniques for artists’ performances, art, setting, and lighting tailored to 3D broadcasting will give viewers a more immersive experience at home.
This is not a one-shot or special program, but Japan’s first(*1) 3D regular music show.

*1: As of October 1, 2010


■Started on Monday, November 1, 2010

■On air on every Monday through Friday at BS Asahi

■23:50 to 24:00 (10 minutes)

■Produced and copyrighted by Panasonic

■Broadcasted by BS Asahi (BS Digital Channel 5)

■Planned and produced by Panasonic Visuals, Inc. / P&D CO., LTD.

■Shooting technique assisted by NHK Media Technology, Inc.

Program website


We can provide a variety of know-how through our integrated system for shooting, editing, audio mastering, and BD authoring, making full use of our track records and experiences in 3D video production.