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Director's Message

Effective as of April 2013, the "Panasonic 3D Innovation Center" will evolve and adopt the new name of Panasonic’s “Visual Content Solution Center” to accommodate the quickly changing needs of image technology beyond 3D.

During the three years since the establishment of the Panasonic 3D Innovation Center in June 2010, 3D Television has dramatically expanded in the global market and became a standard feature of high-end HDTV models and the market penetration of 3D capable televisions grew much faster than that of original launch of HDTVs. Panasonic's 3D equipment and technology made history last year by enabling the first world wide 3D broadcasts of the 2012 Olympic Games from London. In addition, the 3D progress continues in the growing number of 3D movies and documentaries made possible by the support of the Panasonic 3D Innovation Center. Along with the 3D Hollywood entertainment, 3D contents are also growing and being utilized in multiple other industries including medical imaging, educational, cultural, and leisure arenas.

Panasonic recognizes that 4K TV and contents with four times more resolution than Full HD are soon to start to appear on the market. 4K imaging is also expected to deploy in a variety of industries which requires sharper and more vivid imagery. Visual imagery will continue to advance and Panasonic is committed to support this progress to achieve more realistic, stimulating and immersive image technologies.

The “Visual Content Solution Center” will continue to support its original mission of 3D, but will add a 4K focus to its mission to support the changing industry trends and requirements, leveraging the strengths of the collective Panasonic Group to develop and support new business solutions and provide leadership to industry’s needs.

The “Visual Content Solution Center” will be focused on the following areas:

  1. To provide leadership for new business development involving visual content creation through equipment and process solutions.
  2. To provide expertise to address workflow issues on high quality content from creation to distribution.
  3. To provide innovation to satisfy the requirements of the creative community and the demands of the consumer.

The Visual Content Solution Center's website offers accessible and helpful information on products and events related to Panasonic companies and divisions specializing in the 3D and 4K businesses.

April 2013

Minoru Nishioka
Director, Visual Content Solution Center