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Panasonic leading-edge equipment, including the Integrated Twin-lens 3D Camera Recorder, and expertise promote the expansion of the 3D content base.

Aiming at driving the 3D image market, Panasonic has led the industry in the development of such equipment as 3D camera recorders, video monitors, and digital AV mixers. Orders for these devices have been taken since April 2010. Our world-first* integrated twin-lens 3D camera recorder AG-3DA1 features a compact size and high mobility, bringing great advantages over conventional large-scale 3D shooting systems. In addition, its much easier maintenance reduces the costs and time required for 3D image shooting. In combination with this camera recorder, our new 3D-capable Digital AV Mixer and 3D LCD Video Monitor will let you build a high-quality 3D image production system that meets your own production needs.

“Shoot” and then “Create” 3D images — Panasonic Visuals Inc. has accumulated 3D image production technologies and expertise since 1996. Making full use of the experience and the latest 3D image editing equipment, it supports high-quality and creative image editing and finishing work, providing 3D image production solutions with vast potential for further expansion.

*1: As an integrated twin-lens 3D camera recorder capable of recording Full-HD video to its memory card. As of April 2010 (based on our investigations)

Content-production Service

Panasonic Visuals Inc.

Supports production of 3D image content from planning through shooting, editing, and audio mastering.

Panasonic Visuals has been engaged in 3D image production for over 15 years, and it has produced over 60 works, including promotional videos as well as sports and entertainment programs. This experience and skill ensures higher-quality 3D image production.

The company’s production system covers the entire process from shooting through editing, audio mastering, and authoring, and it has experienced 3D technical coordinators who can make 3D image production a success. Panasonic Visuals is also promoting human-friendly 3D image production by following the safety guidelines for 3D image production established by an industry group and participating in biological-safety activities in collaboration with researchers and major companies in the industry.

Professional 3D Production Systems

Integrated Twin-Lends 3D Camera Recorder

High-Quality Images, High Sensitivity, Powerful Zooming and Multi-Camera Versatility
The Integrated Twin-lens Camera Recorder for Broadcast-Level 3D

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Integrated Twin-lens 3D Camera Recorder

The world’s first* integrated twin-lens FULL HD 3D camera recorder
File-based recording for efficient FULL HD 3D image production

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*: As an integrated twin-lens 3D camera recorder capable of recording Full-HD video to its memory card. As of April 2010 (based on our investigations)

LCD Video Monitor

Best-in-class*1 WXGA Resolution, High Contrast with the New IPS LCD Panel
Together with New Functions, such as 3D Shooting Assist*2

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*1: In the 23 cm (9 inches) and smaller professional monitor category (according to a Panasonic survey, as of March 2011)
*2: These functions assist 3D shooting with a 2D image display. The BT-LH910G does not display 3d images.

Memory Card Portable Recorder "P2 portable deck"

AVC-Intra Recording, HDMI*1 Output and USB 3.0*2 Interface
FULL HD 3D Recording and Transmission with Two Units Sync Operation

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*1: Supports 3D
*2: USB 3.0 host interface

Digital AV Mixer

Capable of switching 3D camera feeds
Supports low-cost HD image production

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3D LCD Video Monitor

Equipped with functions and interfaces required for broadcasting and professional use
Supports 3D image production environments

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