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High-definition 3D images can be packaged in discs that are faithful to the creator’s vision. Panasonic also offers services for distributing 3D images to a broad range of viewers.

In Roppongi, Tokyo, Panasonic is offering Blu-ray disc authoring services that comply with the Blu-ray 3D™ format, using the expertise accumulated by the Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory (PHL), based in the heart of the movie industry. The services meet high-level customer needs by applying an advanced image compression technology that faithfully reproduces distinctive characteristics of original films based on reliable technologies established through DVD and Blu-ray disc production since the start of service in 2001.

Authoring Service

Panasonic Authoring Center Roppongi

Provides Blu-ray 3D™ authoring and production services.

This is the first company in Japan that has adopted an encoder compliant with MPEG4-MVC (Multiview Video Coding), a new video-encoding format developed for Blu-ray 3D™. The company offers a full-service solution for producing 3D-capable Blu-ray discs, including encoding and authoring of high-definition 3D content, making full use of its years of DVD and Blu-ray authoring experience.

Receiving source materials of 3D content:
Receiving source materials, such as left-eye and right-eye HD images, audio data, and subtitle data
3D image encoding:
MPEG4-MVC is an image compression technology that has been developed by Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory and adopted as the standard format for Blu-ray 3D™. MPEG4-MVC encodes a 1.5-times larger volume of L and R images compared to the data capacity of 2D image encoding.
Audio encoding:
Compatible with All Blu-ray audio formats
Menu production:
Producing menus with 3D or 2D still or moving images
3D authoring:
Authoring that complies with the Blu-ray 3D™ disc standard, and verification of the prepared disc.
Blu-ray disc manufacturing:
Offering a total Blu-ray disc manufacturing service, including AACS encryption, replication, packaging, and shipping

Past major projects:

  • Production of a 3D image Blu-ray disc for a demonstration at an exhibition
  • Production of discs for demonstration and verification of a 3D-capable hardware product
  • Production of a 3D image Blu-ray disc for a commercial to promote a TV program
  • Support of production of a video to promote a 3D image