Introducing freeze-ray, The Next-gen Data Archiving Solution for Data Centers. freeze-ray

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March 9, 2016   
• OCP U.S. SUMMIT 2016 exhibition information added.
• 300-GB Archival Disc-based product information added.
January 6, 2016
• "freeze-ray" special site opened.


"freeze-ray" is designed and validated to meet large scale data center and enterprise market specific needs.
Adoption of optical media enables storage of critical & valuable data safely for a long period with data integrity. It is an immutable and low cost solution to meet cold data archive needs.

In collaboration with Facebook

Panasonic is delighted by the opportunity to collaborate with Facebook, with its strong position and influence in the data storage market and expertise necessary to develop the optical data archiver in validation with actual data center environments.

Yasuji Enokido
AVC Networks Company

As Facebook continues to grow, we needed to address some of our fundamental engineering challenges with an efficient, low-cost and sustainable solution that matches our speed and exabyte-scale of data.
We're seeing exponential growth in the number of photos and videos being uploaded to Facebook, and the work we've done with Panasonic is exciting because optical storage introduces a medium that is immutable, which helps ensure that people have long-term access to their digital memories.

Jason Taylor
Vice President,

Click here to see a video of Panasonic and Facebook collaboration.

Events & Shows


San Jose, California, USA
March 9-10, 2016
San Jose Convention
Center (Booth : B9)
OCP Official Site

Panasonic is proud to be participating in the OCP U.S. Summit 2016 hosted by Open Compute Project, an organization established by Facebook to collectively develop the most efficient data center technologies possible.

News Release for freeze-ray

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
January 6-9, 2016
9808, Central Hall
CES Official Site

Panasonic is proud to be participating in the international CES, the world's largest event for the consumer technology industry. It showcases more than 3,200 exhibitors, a conference program with more than 300 sessions, and more than 152,000 attendees from more than 150 countries.

News Release for freeze-ray

Product Outline

Meeting the need for ever-increasing data volumes

  • Density of 1,641.6 TB (1.6 PB) per standard 19-inch rack.
  • Optional density can be configured in the range of Min 547.2 TB – Max 1,915.2 TB (1.9 PB).

Adoption of immutable and low-cost media

  • Physical Strength:
    - Physically WORM - no data overwrite (no falsification, human error free)
    - Optical Medium - no physical contact (no components damages, maintenance free)
  • Environmental Strength:
    - Thermal Tolerant - no media degradation (estimated lifetime of 100 years or more based on accelerated test being conducted at temperature of 30˚C and humidity of 70% RH)
    - Disaster Recovery - no data damage (business continuity, restoration free)
  • Low-Cost (TCO) Achievement:
    - Capital Expenditure - no media obsolescence (one-time investment, migration free)
    - Operational Expenditure - no power wasted (reduced cooling cost, low power usage)

Library software ready to control the system easily in data centers

  • Conforms to MMC and SMC standard.
  • Library software installed in server enables direct access to drives and robotics.

Meets the specific design requirements of data centers

  • Maintaining the system availability.
  • Ensuring serviceability for data center technicians.
  • Matching data center environmental conditions.
  • Designed to function under transportation shock and vibration conditions.
  • Optional 19-inch rack mountable Server Bay available.
  • Optional Data Archive Manager (DAM) middleware.


Item 100-GB Model 300-GB Model Optional Spec for 300-GB Model
Media 100-GB Blu-ray Disc 300-GB Archival Disc
Capacity per rack 547.2 TB (0.5 PB) 1,641.6 TB (1.6 PB) • Range: 547.2 TB - 1,915.2 TB (1.9 PB)
Drives per rack 12 units 12 units • Range: 6 - 18 units
Transfer speed per rack; 216 MB/s
(18 MB/s per drive)
720 MB/s
(60 MB/s per drive)
• Range: 360 MB/s - 1,080 MB/s
Interface DC-API DC-API With optional Data Archiver Manager middleware:
• REST API (Swift, S3), NAS (NFS, CIFS)
Disc access Single disc access Single disc access With optional Data Archiver Manager middleware:
• RAID Access (RAID 0, 5, 6)

Data Sheet


Hardware Configuration

Product Website in US

Product Roadmap (For Larger Capacity and Lower Bit Cost)

The first-generation of freeze-ray for data centers has been based on the 100-GB Blu-ray Disc, and the second-generation based on the 300-GB Archival Disc will be released in 2016. Panasonic plans to further expand the recording capacity per disc to 500 GB and 1 TB in the near future.


Product Images

300-GB Archival Disc-Based System

10.0 MB 6.90 MB 15.4 MB 15.3 MB 15.5 MB
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100-GB Blu-ray Disc-Based System

9.81 MB 6.90 MB 19.6 MB 19.8 MB
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