Panasonic HD camcorders allow you to get the high-definition image quality that suits today's age
of large-screen TVs.

Blurring is minimized in every scene, with no image degradation!


HYBRID O.I.S.+With the addition of the rotary axis direction, the HYBRID O.I.S. + now features 5-axis correction. This thoroughly suppresses blurring all the way from wide- angle shots to powerful zoom shots. It also achieves superb effects when shooting while walking. It lets you capture crisp, clear images, without blurring, in almost every shooting situation.

5 axis correction

Blurring in the roll direction from shooting while walking is suppressed to produce beautiful images.The vertical and horizontal hand-shake that often happens during handheld shooting is suppressed.Low-frequency blurring, such as hand-shake caused by breathing or from the entire arm, is suppressed.