Panasonic HD camcorders allow you to get the kind of high-definition image quality that suits today's age of
large-screen TVs.

From Just Shooting to True Photography
- Effective Use of the Manual Ring
Manual Ring – For More Accurate Video Expression

The Auto function on a camcorder makes it easy to get clear images at all times, but the result may not always seem quite as attractive as the images you see on TV or in a movie theater. The difference is that professionals have full control over their shooting conditions, rather than relying on an automatic function.
The manual ring accurately reflects delicate fingertip control of your video images. Once you learn to use it, you'll be quite impressed with the videos you create.

Pro-like Image Control with the Manual Ring

Controlling the zoom speed for flexible expression
Zoom In/Out
Freely guiding your viewers' attention
Color tones that eloquently express image emotions
White Balance
Giving expression to new and different worlds
Shutter Speed
Making subjects stand out clearly with light control