Panasonic HD camcorders allow you to get the kind of high-definition image quality that suits today's age of
large-screen TVs.

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Freely guiding your viewers' attention

I want to move the focus point from the subject in front to the background.

Auto Operation

"The focus point is fixed at
the center, so there's not much
framing flexibility."

Sometimes you want to move the focus point gradually to the back or front of a fixed frame to create a movie-like effect. This isn't possible with most Auto Focus functions. Also, if your subject moves away from the center of the frame, the camcorder may not know what to focus on.
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Manual Operation

"A flexible focusing position
expands video expression."

The manual ring lets you focus anywhere in the frame. You can also move the focus point in a fixed frame or slowly bring an out-of-focus image into focus to achieve a more creative expression.
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*This is an actual, edited image recorded by a Panasonic HD camcorder
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Since the Auto Focus function always focuses on the object at the center of the frame, it cannot focus on objects that are not located at the center. The manual ring, on the other hand, lets you freely move the focus position, so you can focus on an object anywhere in the frame, such as at the edge of the frame as shown in the sample on the right.
The Focus Assist function shows which subjects are in-focus by displaying their outlines in blue. This makes it easier to get a clear, sharp image when manually focusing.