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*1 1GB means 1 billion bytes. Usable capacity will be less.
*2 This is an approximate figure when using the 80GB HDD (H90) / 60GB HDD (H80) and shooting in LP mode.
  SDR-H90 / SDR-H80

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High Picture Quality
The 70x zoom lens has the power you need to take dramatic close-ups of even distant subjects. But with long-distance zoom shots, even a tiny bit of hand shake has a huge effect on picture quality. That's where optical image stabilization comes in. Together, they provide clear, dynamic images of distant subjects in both still and motion images.
  Hgh Picture Quality

Shooting Functions
Features the iA function which automatically judges the scene and makes the best possible settings, so you get wonderful shots in virtually any situation. Forget about bothersome settings during important scenes and trust iA to give you the optimal shots.
  Shooting Functions

Editing / Networking
With the included software VideoCam Suite, it's easy to upload a video clip to YouTube™ website for sharing videos with people all around the world. Expands the fun of video shooting even more.

* YouTube™ and the YouTube™ logo are the registered trademarks or trademarks of YouTube™ LLC.
  Editing / Networking

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