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Web Mode for Easy Uploading to YouTube™
YouTube™ limits videos to 10 minutes. In Web mode the camcorder uses a 10-minute countdown system, so you're assured that the recording won't be too long for YouTube™, and you won't have to edit it down after shooting.

The Upload mode in the VideoCam Suite (included) is automatically activated as soon as the camcorder is connected to the PC. To upload, simply choose the image file you want and click the Upload button. Encoding is no longer a hassle, as the software does all the work for you.

YouTube™ Uploading

* About YouTube™ Uploader:
• This service is available as of 1 December, 2008.
• Any operation about YouTube™ services and the specification changes are not guaranteed. The available services and the displays are subject to change without notice.
• Any copyrighted video cannot be uploaded without having the copyright or obtaining permission from the copyright holder(s).
• YouTube™ and the YouTube™ logo are the registered trademarks or trademarks of YouTube™ LLC.

Included Editing Software "VideoCam Suite 2.0"
VideoCam Suite editing software is just the tool you need to make polished, smartly finished productions. It lets you load images into your PC for putting scenes in a different order and delete the ones you don't want with simple operation. When you're finished with your video production, you can use VideoCam Suite to reserve the edited version onto a DVD disc.

USB 2.0 (HS Mode)
USB2.0 compatibility lets you upload a motion picture data to a PC at high speed over a single USB cable.

For further information about Panasonic PC

• About VideoCam Suite 2.0: This software is not compatible with a multi-boot environment. Operation is not guaranteed on Microsoft Windows Vista® Enterprise, Windows XP Media Center Edition, Tablet PC Edition and not compatible with 64-bit operation systems.
• Supplied CD-ROM (VideoCam Suite 2.0) is available for Windows only.
• Microsoft, Windows and Windows Vista® are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/ or other countries.
• Other names of systems and products mentioned in these instructions are usually the resistered trademarks of trademarks of the manufacturers who developed the system or product concerned.

Easy DVD Copying
Connect the H90/H80 directly to a DVD burner via a USB cable. You can then copy recordings from the SDHC/SD Memory Card or HDD to a DVD disc with easy operation. The disc you make can be played on DVD players, so playback is easy too.    

* Applicable Discs: DVD-RAM/-RW/-R/-R DL

VIERA Image Viewer
If your VIERA TV has an SD Memory Card Slot and can play MPEG2 files, you're equipped for spectacular viewing. Just slip your card into the slot and get ready to watch beautiful motion pictures on VIERA's large screen. You get all the fun of seeing your images on the big screen, with none of the hassle of connecting cables.

* MPEG2-compatible model with SDHC/SD Memory Card slot: PZ800.
* With other SD Memory Card Slot-equipped VIERA models, you can view JPEG format still images.

Storing on a DIGA
If you have an MPEG2-compatible DIGA with an internal hard disk and SD Memory Card Slot, saving your images on the hard disk is as easy as inserting an SDHC/SD Memory Card into the slot. This saves space you'd otherwise need for storing the recording media, and makes playback easier. And once the data is on the hard disk, it's easy to copy it to a DVD disc.  

High Picture Quality     Editing / Networking

• Design, functions, and specifications are subject to change without notice.
• All monitor and TV pictures are simulated.