Life in a Giant Tropical Jungle Tiny, Tough Insects

Today, and everyday, there are countless tiny insects battling
to survive the harsh environment of Malaysia's vast jungles,
in places where people rarely go.


Kazuo Unno

Kazuo was born in Tokyo in 1947. The publication of his 'The copulation refusal action of Pieris melete' in the magazine, made him start his career as a photographer. As one of leading insect and nature photographers, he has been taking pictures around the world for many years. Especially, he takes pictures of insect mimicry in rainforests in Asia and America. He has visited over 60 countries so far.
He received Photographic Society of Japan award in 1994 for his book 'Insect mimicry (Heibon-sha)'
" President of Society of Scientific Photography,
" Commissioner of Japan Insect Association
" The member of Japan Professional Photographers Society