I-Punkt Skateland Multimedia Film

Two months before the delivery of the first production models of the Lumix GH3 Panasonic invited some of Germany's leading photo- and video bloggers for a workshop in Hamburg to test the camera and at the same time shoot this multimedia short for the social skateboard project I-Punkt Skateland. Both the workshop, and film are directed and edited by Simon Sticker.

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THE CHAIR DESIGNER - the story of Holger Drews

Holger Drews is a character. Growing up in the sixties and seventies had a huge influence on him, fully emerging into the hippie movement and living life in it’s extremes. He became on of the shining figures for the movement in Denmark, but his biggest passion stayed the designing of furniture, especially chairs. Now, despite being old, he still works everyday to construct the perfect chair and you will understand that this means more to him than just a process of designing. Instead he creates also in an effort to leave something behind, something that will make him as an artist not to be forgotten.

Simon Sticker SHOWCASE

I-Punkt Skateland Multimedia Film

Ann Rozario is an elder Anglo-Indian women that lives in Fort Kochi, India. With her family living far away she is in her daily life only accompanied by her dog. This is maybe her biggest struggle and wish - to be close to her family and see them more often. The film we made about Ann gives an insight into her daily life, her past and her dreams for the future. It shows the simplicity of her life as well as it explores her thoughts on the life after her and what will happen. The film is a slow paced homage to the life she lives and the struggles that come along with it, when you have to do that on your own.
*This film is created by Emile Carlsen / FLOW MEDIA.

Simon Sticker

Simon Sticker is a German documentary visual storyteller living in Denmark. In his work he combines stills and video seamlessly to create compelling multimedia stories. He has worked all over the world on assignments for big and small NGOs like the WHO or the Medical Relief Alliance. Also, he is pursuing personal projects to explore the possibilities of modern multimedia storytelling and telling the stories he cares most about. He is driven by the idea that a better understanding of different life circumstances and overcoming stereotypes is the first step to creating change in the world - and visual storytelling is a brilliant tool for that.

His project HUMANS took him all over Africa, to explore the human condition with simple questions about life, love and dreams, resulting in a series of short-films about different people. The project has been expanded to other countries all over the world. Simon spends his time between assignments, personal projects, sharing his skills and ideas in workshops and lectures.

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THE CHAIR DESIGNER and ANN ROSARIO are also filmed by Emile Carlsen.