LUMIX GX7 Immersion in the World of Light


The LUMIX GX7 renders 1920 x 1080 60p(NTSC Area)/50p(PAL Area) high quality full-HD video with distinctive expression that can be offered only by single-lens camera.This is where the GX7's "hybrid camera" name comes from.

I was the art director in this project with the new LUMIX GX7, which brought photographer Bernie DeChant for a commercial shoot on-location in Kyoto. I also wanted to create my first-ever web movie as a camera operator, to show by example just how easy it is to take movies with the LUMIX GX7. I mainly used my favorite fixed focal length lens, and the Focus Peaking function came in handy for blurring backgrounds, giving me just the effect I was after. I'm confident about the way we were able to draw out the full potential of the LUMIX GX7.


Daisuke Ozaki

Began his career as a graphic designer. After a stint at a major advertising agency, he became an art director for LUMIX promotion, and was heavily involved with the launching of the G Series. As part of a photographic collaboration between LUMIX and National Geographic, he traveled to Costa Rica and India to spearhead the project. Even when he's away from work, though, he's an avid LUMIX user. This has earned him a solid reputation for providing art direction from the viewpoint of a LUMIX enthusiast.