Born in Provence, Clement left his native France to study film in Australia and graduated from the prestigious UCLA.
Taking a path steered by his love of the sun, Clement's work shows a clear appreciation of the beauty of simplicity.
His distinctive style originates from early days as a music and fashion film director in Los Angeles, where he became interested in the use of photography and the ability to voice his feelings in one image.
Now based in London, he frequently escapes the confines of the city to indulge in his wanderlust.
Clement works with a broad expanse of clients who hire him for his graceful ease of style.

Le Moment Présent

A photographer is an expressionist who catches moments that occur in life and unites them with a unique image. Sometimes I add a glass reflection effect between the light and the image, and other times I provide a timeless spatial sensation (atmosphere/emotion) from among the backlighting to intersect with the instant that the shutter is pressed. Here, it strongly appears between an everyday Paris scene and the image with a "be-here-now" effect.