Born in Osaka, Japan in 1978. Since 1999, she has been engaged in the artwork creation to express her own chaotic internal aspect through a single girl, which is presented as "Mukidashino-kokoro"(2004), "Kakokyu"(2005) and "Aishiteru"(2006). Through her own point of view, she is also starting a new creative activity under a new theme - view of life and death that regionally varies much.
She is also inspiring people through a variety of photo seminars, magazine articles or lectures to promote the culture of photographic art.
-Instructor of Osaka University of Arts Department of Photography

Swimming in the deep-sea

In the deep sea where lights don't reach、the abyssal fishes achieved evolution called "degeneration"
A number of humans are living in the city of Tokyo. When seen through a glass of lens, they seem to push out something. If we can call this exclusion an evolution, is here the deep-sea? - and here I am to be excluded.