Satoki Nagata is a Chicago-based street and documentary photographer. He is a visual creator whose work ranges from still images to film. His "Lights in Chicago" series is a surreal photographic and narrative departure from his more photojournalistic work and is produced by the innovative use of off camera flash. He aims to reveal ideas derived from Zen philosophies of interconnected relationships and their dynamics through these images. "Lights in Chicago" has been recognized internationally and exhibited in Asia, the US, and Europe.
He has been invited to present a group exhibit with Daido Moriyama, Satoshi Saikura and four other photographers at the DA-END Gallery in Paris in November 2013. Self-published books include "I wanted to be a butterfly" and "Cabrini-Green: Frances Cabrini Rowhouses."

Lights In The City

The feelings of people and their lives in the city shown through photographic media. Through manipulations of light and shadow with off camera flash, subtle yet substantial moments were captured. The surreal abstraction of images allows for an interaction of multidirectional story lines and an overlapping of dialogues between photographer, subject and viewer.