Bruce Dale


About the Photographer

Activities and Awards

Awarded White House Photographer of the Year by the White House News Photographers Association
NASA's Voyager Spacecraft carried a Bruce Dale's photo called "Forest scene with mushrooms" into space
Awarded Magazine Photographer of the Year by the National Press Photographer Association
Awarded Magazine Photographer of the Year by the National Press Photographer Association
Joined the National Geographic

Major Books

The American Southwest
A book portraying the deserts, canyons, and other landscapes of this unique part of America
Mountain People
A concept in which these people, such as coalminers, were photographed as they are seen through their own eyes
Describing Bruce Dale's travels with Gypsies from England back to their roots in India

A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Bruce Dale had over 50 photos published in local newspapers while in high school. He then worked for the Toledo Blade newspaper, before joining the National Geographic staff in 1964.
His work for the National Geographic took him to 75 countries, and resulted in over 2,000 published photos. Achievements like these once led the Washington Post to call him "a jewel in the crown of the National Geographic."
His many awards have come from institutions as diverse as the National Press Photographers, White House News Photographers Association, and the Smithsonian Institution. One of his photographs was placed on board NASA's Voyager Spacecraft, as information about planet Earth.
The topics for his work extend from warm human studies, to leading-edge technology, such as using pulsed laser photography to produce a hologram of an exploding crystal ball for the National Geographic's 100th Anniversary cover.
In 1994, Bruce Dale left the National Geographic to pursue a variety of journalistic, advertising, and personal work, and he also spends several weeks each year teaching.