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  • What’s ADA Media?
  • Product Line-up
  • ADA Advantages
  • Durable Shell Case
  • Long Archival Life
  • Large Capacity
  • Failproof Write Performance
  • Secure Data Archiving
  • Eco Friendly

Durable Shell Case

Protects media from fingerprints and scratches

The highly durable cassette-type shell case guards the disc against scratches,fingerprints and dust. It also prevents problems such as write and read failures.

Easy handling

There is no direct disc contact even when it is handled with the bare hands, making it much easier to use.

Degradation of recorded data due to fingerprints

* Test Items: Comparison of 2x recording and playback of the L0 layer on an RE DL disc. Drive: LKM-KB12
Tested by Panasonic

Long Archival Life

More than 50 years of archiving

An original, highly reliable, inorganic phase-change recording layer achieves an archival life of more than 50 years*.

* Based on an acceleration test conducted by Panasonic.

Estimated life span of data on Panasonic ADA Media

Large Capacity

A large data capacity of 50 GB on a single side

ADA offers a large recording capacity of 50 GB on a single side (approximately 10 times the DVD capacity of 4.7 GB). The single-sided dual-layer structure allows continuous recording without having to turn the disc over. This makes it ideal for archiving full-HD video and large-volume image data.

Failproof Write Performance

Defect management function for reliable data writing

A spare area is provided on both ADA-RE and R discs to ensure reliable data writing without errors even if data defects are generated during recording.

Secure Data Archiving

Assured authenticity of ADA-R media data

ADA-R media is designed to physically disallow data rewriting, thus eliminating the possibility of alteration. This makes it ideal for archiving official documents and other important data.

Eco Friendly

ADA is an eco-friendly data storage opinion. It does not require a constant supply of electricity or air conditioning and helps to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emission.

ADA discs are also ecological because they let you store a large amount of data on a single disc.

Panasonic's ECO Friendly ADA Media

For example, saving 50 GB of data would require more than five 9.4-GB DVD-RAM discs compared to only one ADA disc.

Discs are petrochemical products mainly consisting of substances such as polycarbonate, which emit CO2 when they are refined.

Comparing the amount of CO2 emitted while refining the petrochemical substances necessary to produce enough media to store 50 GB of data, 9.4-GB DVD-RAM discs emit 1,745 g while the ADA disc emits only 320 g. This difference (1,745 g - 320 g = 1,425 g) is the equivalent of 360 two-liter bottles of CO2.

CO2 Emission