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“Advanced Disc for Archive™” Media

What's ADA Media

ADA is a new type of optical disc with a cassette-type shell case that Panasonic offers as an ideal solution for secure archiving in various business fields.

A special cassette-type case guards the disc from scratches, fingerprints and dust.

The special cassette-type shell case guards the disc from scratches, fingerprints and dust, to prevent writing and reading errors. ADA media is also easy to handle because the disc is not directly touched with the bare hand.

Archives data for 50 years or more.

Data that requires long-term storage, such as confidential corporate documents and HD images, can be reliably saved. ADA media has an archival life of 50 years or more.

* Based on an acceleration test conducted by Panasonic.

A large capacity (50 GB on a single side) allows storage of a huge amount of motion and still images.

ADA media has a large recording capacity of 50 GB with a single-sided dual-layer structure, making it ideal for full-HD video and large-volume image data.