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AMQ Series
A Top-Grade Professional Tape That Maintains High Performance and Excellent Reliability Even Under Extreme Conditions

Superb Total Performance

Unique technologies allow us to achieve the high levels of performance and reliability that professionals demand.

Back coating layer 4. Optimized Base Film
Provides a head-cleaning effect that achieves stable output over a wide temperature range. 3. Robust DLC
Creates a level of toughness that withstands harsh conditions. 2. Hybrid Lubricant
Enables stable tape transport and still mode durability. 1. High Density Magnetic Layer
Delivers high output and low error rates.

1. High Density Magnetic Layer

Delivers high output and low error rates.

The recording density has been boosted by processing the cobalt magnetic columns into fine micro-particles. This achieves high output levels and low error rates to meet professional demands for high-quality image recording.

High Output Level
Less Dropout

2. Robust DLC (Diamond Like Carbon)

A level of toughness is achieved that withstands harsh conditions.

Professional recording applications requires a much more durable and reliable tape. In order to ensure the tape's performance under these more challenging usage conditions, a much thicker professional DLC film is employed to provide significantly added strength. A proprietary surface treatment has been applied to enable a uniform coating of the lubricant. This results in highly stable recording and playback, even with repeated fast-forwarding, rewinding, playback and professional editing.

3. Hybrid Lubricant

Stable tape transport and still mode durability confidence

Optimally blending lubricants that have different characteristics succeeded in low tape-to-head friction ratio and stable tape transport, while minimizing head clogging and improving still mode durability. The result is greater head life, and higher reliability in any environment for high-speed shuttling, professional editing, still mode, and archival stability.

Comparison of friction increase
AMQ maintains a lower tape-to-head friction ratio.

Comparison of still durability
AMQ maintains a high output level for more than 240 minutes of still mode playback, approximately 60minutes longer than consumer DVC tape.

4. Optimized Base Film

Provides a head-cleaning effect for stable tape transport under a wide temperature range.

If the base film is too flat and smooth, transport friction increases. On the other hand, if the surface is too rough, output may decrease. Panasonic used a proprietary technology to optimize the surface roughness of the newly developed AMQ base film, while maintaining toughness. This gives the tape a head-cleaning effect while maintaining high output, which dramatically improves still mode durability in low temperatures. Stable tape transport is thus achieved over a wide temperature range.

Comparison of Still Mode Durability in Low Temperatures

Tape durability in low temperatures has been improved by approximately 85% compared to conventional tapes.

Comparison of Still Image Durability in Low Temperatures

Tough Cassette with Anti-Static Lid

The precision engineered cassette shell is molded of ABS resin, which prevents warping and provides tough impact resistance and durability.
The anti-static cassette lid treatment repels dust, debris, and contaminants, minimizing dropouts. A paper label comes already affixed, allowing for quick and easy writing.


Cassette Case

2-way opening soft case
  • Anti-static cassette lid to prevent from dust, contaminants
  • ABS resin cassette (Tough impact resistance and anti-warp)
  • A easy to extract tapes with one hand.
New rugged hard case
  • Side locks prevent accidental opening.
  • Special grooves allow safe staking for carrying.
  • All surfaces have a non-slip ribbed pattern.

AMQ Series Line-up and Specifications

For Europe, Asia

Mini-HDV/DV/Professional Quality Cassette

Standard HDV/DV/Professional Quality Cassette


Mini-HDV/DV/Professional Quality Cassette

Standard HDV/DV/Professional Quality Cassette

AMQ Line-up

  Tape Length Recording Time (min)
  (m) Professional
(SP mode)
(LP mode)
AY-HDVM33AMQ 39.8 22 33 49
AY-DVM48AMQ 56.8 32 48 72
AY-DVM63AMQ/AY-HDVM63AMQ 73.8 42 63 94
AY-DV96AMQ/AY-HDV96AMQ 111.3 64 96 144
AY-DV124AMQ/AY-HDV124AMQ 143.1 82 124 186
AY-DV186AMQ/AY-HDV186AMQ 213.5 124 186 279
AY-DV276AMQ/AY-HDV276AMQ 315.7 184 276 414

• HDV and HDV logo are trademarks of Sony Corporation and Victor Company of Japan, Limited (JVC).

Tape Specifications

Coercivity 120 KA/m
Max Residual Magnetic Flux Density 500 mT
Squareness 0.8
Optimum Recording Current 0 dB*
Data Signal Output level (21 MHz) more than 0 dB*
Frequency Response (21/10.5 MHz) within ±2 dB*
Overwrite (10.5/21 MHz) less than 2 dB*
C/N (21 MHz) more than –1 dB*
C/N (10.5 MHz) more than –1 dB*
Output level (0.47 MHz)
0 dB*
Overwrite (0.47/21 MHz) less than 1 dB*
Impulse Response (1/90 Tb) within ±5 %

* As compared to Panasonic reference tapes.