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SQ Series: Highly Reliable Professional Tape with Low Error Rate

Low Error Rates Due to Careful Tape Screening

Panasonic's SQ-Series tapes are screened using highly stringent error rate standards in order to minimize errors. This gives them the high-quality image and sound recording capability that is demanded in tapes for professional use.

Error Rate Distribution Comparison

High output level from a 4x density tape

The magnetic particles on SQ Series tapes are coated with four times the density of previous tapes, using a unique high-density deposition technology developed by Panasonic. This gives them the industry's top level of output, and makes them ideal for recordings that simply cannot be re-shot, such as wedding ceremonies and other important events.

High Output Level

High Density of Magnetic Layer

Structure Model

Toughness/1,000 times recording

Maintain high quality recording even after 1,000 times.
Suitable for repeated heavy use by recording, editing, copying.

Durability Test

Tough cassette with anti-static lid

The precision engineered cassette shell is molded of ABS resin, which prevents warping and provides tough impact resistance and durability.
The anti-static cassette lid treatment repels dust, debris, and contaminants, minimizing dropouts. A paper label comes already affixed, allowing for quick and easy writing.


2-way opening soft case

A soft material that won't break if dropped is used for the cassette case. The 2-way lid construction lets you easily extract the tape with one hand, even while shooting.

2-way opening soft case

SQ Series Line-up and Specifications

Standard-type professional DV tapes.


  Playing Time
(SP Mode)
Tape Length Weight Master Carton
(min) (m) (g) Qty Weight (kg)
AY-DVM63SQ 63 73.8 38.0 50 2.2
AY-DVM83SQ 83 96.5 39.5 50 2.3
Coercivity 120 KA/m
Max Residual Magnetic Flux Density 400 mT
Squareness 0.8
Optimum Recording Current 0 dB*
Data Signal Output level (21 MHz) more than –1 dB*
Frequency Response (21/10.5 MHz) within ±2 dB*
Overwrite (10.5/21MHz) less than 2 dB*
C/N (21 MHz) more than –2 dB*
C/N (10.5 MHz) more than –2 dB*
Output level (0.47 MHz)
0 dB*
Overwrite (0.47/21 MHz) less than 1 dB*
Impulse Response (1/90 Tb) within ±5 %

* As compared to DV Cassette reference tapes