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Plasma CVD Technology

What is plasma?

Some common plasmas are aurora and lightning. Plasma generally refers to a gas in an ionized state (containing both positive ions and negative ions).

What is plasma CVD technology?

Plasma CVD (plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition) is a type of chemical vapor deposition (CVD) using plasma. Panasonic uses this technology for the DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) process to form a protective film for the magnetic layer on magnetic tape. Panasonic was the first to apply CVD technology to recording tape.

What is DLC (Diamond Like Carbon)?

DLC refers to a hard film made of carbon hydride or allotropes of carbon. Since DLC has a low friction coefficient and is hard, chemically stable and highly resistant to stain, it is widely used in tools and machinery, aerospace, medical, bio-related and other fields. Panasonic employs DLC to form a protective film on metal-evaporated tape.