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Micro Audio System

Panasonic has a vast line-up of Micro Audio Systems that match your individual needs and provides an assortment of features for convenience and enjoyment.

HC SERIES Slim Design & Smart Networking

  • Product Line-up
  • High Quality Sound
  • Slim Design & Smart Networking
  • iPod/iPhone Support Chart

Reproducing the Soul of the Music

Equipped with multiple functionalities, HC will be all the one could ever ask to make most comfortable musical experience that one could have.

Touch-Free Sensor DoorHC55

A motion sensor is provided on the top of the SC-HC55. The sliding door can be opened or closed by simply passing your hand over the sensor.

Digital Music Connection for iPod/iPhone

Slim Flat DesignHC55HC35HC25HC15HC05

The slim body of the Compact Stereo System, which is only 69 mm depth*, makes it ideal for setting it onto a shallow shelf or mounting it to a wall**.

Slim Flat Design

* For SC-HC55/HC35, without stand. For SC-HC25/HC15, at the thinnest point. For SC-HC05, 59 mm depth without stand.
** SC-HC55/35 only.


The wall-mountable design of the SC-HC55/HC35 lets you put your audio system anywhere you want, to match your room interior.


Wireless Music StreamingHC55HC05

Bluetooth® wireless technology in the SC-HC55/HC05 makes it more convenient to enjoy a wireless connection with an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or compatible mobile phone. You can hold the player in your hand and play music files without docking.

Wireless Music Streaming

Internet Radio ControlHC55HC05

You can enjoy Internet radio “vTuner for Panasonic” with HC series by simply installing the application onto your iPhone or iPod touch. The application is very easy to use and convenient, because you can set it to your favourite radio stations with the HC Series remote control.
* vTuner for Panasonic must be purchased from the App Store (iTunes Store).

Internet Radio Control

Low Power ConsumptionHC55HC35HC25HC15HC05

Panasonic audio products are designed to consume as little as possible in order to save natural resources.

Low Power Consumption