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Mini Audio System

Panasonic has a vast line-up of Mini Audio Systems that match your individual needs and provides an assortment of features for convenience and enjoyment.

Powerful, Clear Sound
Line-upNetworkingPowerful, Clear Sound

Powerful, Clear Sound

D.Bass with Smart Control

Bass sounds are conventionally controlled to match the sound volume. The 2011 models detect the characteristics of music, and emphasise the frequency band that has the most bass. This preserves the characteristics of the original musical instruments and produces powerful, rich bass sounds.

Maximized Bass Sound PLUS

With the feedback control, the detector checks the signal and once they detect distortion, volume is adjusted automatically to reduce the distortion, optimizing bass boost level. With Maximized Bass Sound PLUS, you enjoy clear, large-volume sound with minimal distortion.

Super Woofer System with Bi-Amplifier

A dedicated super woofer speaker for low- frequency range produces powerful bass, contributing the woofer focusing on mid-range for clear vocals. The separated amplifiers also enhance the clearness of sound at each frequency range, resulting with clearer and crisper vocals and more power put on the bass.

Separated Box Speaker System

The speaker boxes for the speakers are separated to withhold the interference from the movement of each speaker. The large movement of air inside the speaker box of the Super Woofer will not affect the movement of the woofer. This structure achieves clearer sound by separating the speaker cones.

Advanced Bamboo Cone

More rigid and lighter evolved bamboo cone material has been adopted for speakers. Vocals are more pure and clearer, and the dialog being crisper and easier to understand than ever before.

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