Share your movies over the web

Easy Sharing and Playback

Upload your favorite movies. It's a snap!
Easy Web Uploading (HD Writer PE 2.0 Embedded Software*)

Upload your movies onto YouTube and Facebook. As soon as you plug the TA20/TA2's built-in USB terminal into a PC, the embedded HD Writer PE 2.0* application launches automatically.** With a single click, you can instantly share your movies with your family and friends.

* For Windows OS
** The application must be installed in advance.
• YouTube and the YouTube Logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of Google Inc.
• Facebook and the Facebook logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of Facebook, Inc.

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Ideal for Mac and PC users.
iFrame ModeMac | Works with iMovie


The HM-TA20/TA2 lets you record videos in the iFrame. When using iMovie, the iFrame video data in your camera is the same format as the one you'll be using to edit, so importing is fast and file sizes are small. You'll be able to edit and upload videos to the internet and portable devices right away. iFrame is based on standards, so it works with compatible PC and Mac applications, such as Apple iMovie and PC applications.

  • Shooting
    Shoot in iFrame mode.
  • Transferring
    Data can be quickly transferred to a PC, with no need for data conversion.
  • Editing/Archiving
    Data transferred from the HM-TA20/TA2 can be directly edited with iMovie.
  • Uploading/Copying
    Increases in volume due to the data conversion process are also suppressed after editing.
  • Sharing
    Your images can be easily shared on the web and used for mobile enjoyment with any portable device.

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Connect the TA20/TA2 to a PC and...It's a web camera!
Works with Skype

The TA20/TA2 is compatible with Skype, the video call service. Talk face to face with faraway family and friends.

* Skype is a trademark of Skype Limited.

High-quality large-screen images.
HDMI Connection

The TA20/TA2 features a mini HDMI terminal that lets you enjoy images with natural Full-HD quality by directly connecting the camera to an HDTV.

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USB is built-in for PC connection.
Built-in USB

TThe TA20/TA2's built-in USB terminal means that there's no need to carry around an adaptor. And you can charge the battery by simply plugging the USB terminal into a PC.

* Do not use any other USB extension cord except the supplied one. (Operation is not guaranteed with any other USB extension cord.)

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  • • Design, functions, and specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • • All monitor pictures are simulated.

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