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What's New

Mar 9, 2015
[Case Studies Database] Updated
Feb 19, 2015
[Semi-rugged] New Model CF-54
[Image Gallery] Updated (CF-54, CF-31, CF-19, FZ-G1)
Feb 2, 2015
[What is SPC?] Updated
Nov 7, 2014
[Fully-rugged] New Model FZ-B2
[Image Gallery] Updated (FZ-B2, FZ-M1, FZ-E1, FZ-X1)
[Case Studies Database] Updated

Latest Case Studies

easyJet (FZ-G1)

"The new Panasonic Toughpad tablets were the right choice for easyJet for a number of factors"
Morganton Department of Public Safety (FZ-G1, CF-30/31/53)

"We still have Panasonic products on the road that are seven years old and function wonderfully"

Products Lineup

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Fully-rugged PC


  • CF-31
  • CF-19
  • Toughpad
  • FZ-G1
  • FZ-M1
  • FZ-E1
  • CF-H2 Field
  • CF-U1
  • FZ-A1
  • FZ-B2
  • JT-X1
  • JT-B1
Semi-rugged PC


  • CF-53
  • CF-C2
  • CF-53
Business-rugged PC


  • CF-SX2
  • CF-AX2

Toughpad 4K

  • UT-MB5

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