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Reduce TCO and Improve TVO

According to research*1 by IDC Japan regarding average yearly repairs*2, in a company that introduced 1,000 mobile PCs, it was found that 3.25 units were sent for repair each month. PC breakdowns not only cost money, but waste time and labor while the repair is being done. To control such losses, an effective solution is to introduce a more rugged type of PC. The superior ruggedness of the Panasonic mobile PC reduces TCO by controlling losses caused by PC breakdowns and boosts TVO by increasing productivity and operating effectiveness.

TVO Panasonic PCs provide overwhelming cost effectiveness TVO Panasonic PCs provide overwhelming cost effectiveness
Increasing business productivity
Panasonic's Toughbook-series of Business-rugged models are lightweight and compact, have wireless LAN function. With Toughbook, you can connect to the office from remote locations, allowing quick decisions, supporting operations that require speed, and greatly increasing office productivity and efficiency.
Improving your customer support capability
The Toughbook-series Business-rugged model makes it possible to build a business style of traveling to the site and then straight back home, allowing you to spend the whole day in business activities. You can contact your office by e-mail at home in the morning and directly visit your business sites. You can access information through your office's intranet in quick response to questions, such as inquires about inventory levels. Toughbook lets you give quick customer support, so you won't miss any more business opportunities.
Increasing work site productivity
(e.g., Construction sites)

In the past, the use of mobile PCs were said to be difficult at construction and factory sites. Panasonic's Toughbook-series of Fully-rugged models can be used even in these severe conditions. You can operate the Toughbook without leaving the site, which greatly contributes to productivity and efficiency.

What is TVO (Total Value of Ownership)?
TVO indicates the cost effectiveness of a business, and aims at expanding the value of the business, by means such as acquiring new business opportunities, improving productivity, and enhancing customer satisfaction with the appropriate distribution of management resources.

*1 Source: IDC Japan, April 2008 whitepaper "Causal Relationship between Breakdowns and Breakdown Reasons in Portable PCs" sponsored by Panasonic (201045)

*2 Number of respondent computers repaired in one year divided by total number of respondent computers.

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