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Long Battery Life

Long battery life with a 12.1” LCD

Most people who buy a mobile PC want to be able to use it at anytime, to turn free time into productive time. The superb mobile performance of the Toughbook expands business possibilities because you don't have to worry so much about the battery running out during operation.

★ WWAN model is also available that differs from the standard model in battery life.

The secrets behind the long battery life

Long battery life
High-density battery for long running life
High-density battery

Long running life is achieved by an industry top-standard high-capacity lithium ion battery pack.

Low power backlight system slashes power consumption

The same brightness with only about 70% the power consumption of an ordinary LCD panel is achieved using a system with a proprietary light guide plate, high-reflectivity reflector, and high-efficiency reflection sheet.

Power-saving OFF setting for optical drive power supply
Drive Power Open Switch

The Drive Power Open Switch or integrated utility software can turn the power supply to the drive on and off, thus making it possible to save unnecessary power consumption when the drive is not in use.
The switch on the front panel can turn the power supply to the drive on and off as well.

Wireless switch shuts off standby current
Wireless switch * The photo shows the CF-W8.

The Wireless switch saves power by allowing you to turn it on and off as needed. It can also be set to turn WWAN, WLAN or Bluetooth®, systems on and off at the same time. This is convenient for the kind of on/off control required in hospitals, and airports, etc.

ECO Mode Extends the Battery Life

ECO Mode
Limiting the battery charge level to 80% ensures longer life

The Toughbook incorporates Panasonic's unique Economy Mode (ECO) , which prolongs the battery life by limiting the battery charge level to 80%. This function is highly effective because the Toughbook's low power consumption allows the battery to drive it longer, providing full mobile PC performance even at the 80% level.

* The battery drive time with Economy Mode (ECO) enabled is about 80% that with ECO Mode disabled.

More time before battery

The increased battery life means more time before the battery needs to be replaced, contributing to a reduction in TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). This function is also environment-friendly because it reduces waste.

Easy mode change to
match your use

The Toughbook's Economy Mode (ECO) can be easily enabled and disabled. This makes it possible to use it in ECO Mode for everyday use, to extend the battery life, then to disable ECO Mode with the battery fully charged for extended operation outdoors and during business trips.

* Economy Mode (ECO) can be easily turned on and off with installed utility software.
* Economy Mode (ECO) is disabled when shipped from the factory.


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