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A lightweight body that is easily carried all day long

Our dedication to newer and better technology has made possible a thin magnesium alloy body, thin LCD glass, and a lightweight Shell Drive unit that integrates the drive and body. Also, we make a continuous effort to reduce component size - right down to the length of the screws we use.

The secrets behind the lightweight design

Technology for thin-walled magnesium casing recognized worldwide

The highest award (Design Award) of the IMA (International Magnesium Association) was presented for this technology in May 2004.The technical prize was awarded by the Japan Magnesium Association in June 2004. The design technology of the LCD rear panel, which is made of a thin-walled magnesium plate, has also been acknowledged.

Panasonic Original “Shell Drive”

The Shell Drive is more than 75% lighter than the tray type. Ruggedness and space saving are both improved by this design.

New Lightweight Shell Drive


A lightweight of approximately 50g is realized by eliminating part of the tray and case section.


Structure unified with the main frame increases overall strength.


No space required for the tray drawer. Since excess space isn't required, disc removal and insertion is smooth.

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