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About Semi-rugged Network & Security


76cm {30 in} free-fall tests*1 are conducted. From material to construction—tough body

The hard disk is protected by special shock absorbing material (dampers), and the main body is made from impact resistant magnesium alloy*2. Because the tough design of the main body is tested to withstand falls from about 76 cm {30 in}*1 even in challenging environments, work still can be done on a PC. Then, when moving from one location to another, there is no need to worry about putting the PC in a case. You can just take it with you as is.

*1 Tests conducted in non-operating condition. The shock resistance, vibration resistance, dust-proof, and splash-proof functions are not a guarantee against damage or malfunction.

*2 The magnesium alloy is 20 times as strong as plastic.

Super Mobility

More efficient working with variety of interfaces

The well rounded features, including a fast CPU and large-capacity hard disk, make this PC good enough to serve as a main computer. With no reason to use a different PC on the road and inside the office, there is no need to separate or duplicate data. Even outdoors, you can get your work done quickly.

With large-capacity hard disk
You can refer to various information on site

With a large-capacity hard disk you can now carry around vast amounts of data on a Toughbook. By taking reference material with you, the cost and trouble of phoning the company to check something can be reduced. Moreover, a much greater amount of data can now be recorded on-site and brought back. Then, because of the boost in performance, there is no need to transfer data to a desktop PC. You can continue working with the Toughbook as your main computer. On a single PC, you can promptly add to and revise the data that you take to field sites.

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