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Network & Security

Built-in wireless network capability ideal for mobile usage

Flexible wireless LAN (IEEE802.11a/b/g/n) capability built in*.

Models are available with an integrated wireless LAN feature that is compatible with four standards, IEEE802.11a/b/g/n*1, that can be switched to suite your purpose or location. Using public wireless LAN services*2, you can enjoy high-speed wireless transmission of speeds up to 300 Mbps*3.

*1  Some models excluded.

*2  User registration and settings may be required. Please verify with your service provider beforehand.

*3  These are the maximum theoretical values based on wireless LAN standards.They do not indicate actual data transfer rates.

Short-Distance Wireless Communications with Bluetooth®
(Ver.4.0 +EDR*1 /Class1).

Bluetooth® enables the wireless exchange of information or audio data between compatible equipment, such as nearby PCs, cellular phones, PDAs, or printers. Furthermore, since Class 1 is supported, the signal is so strong that communication can widely use up to approximately 100 m*2.

*1  EDR is an acronym for Enhanced Data Rate.  *2  The data is lab results and is not guaranteed.

See the secrets of security

Prevent unauthorized access to the hard disk with hard disk protection

The hard disk itself is password protected. Even if someone removes it and tries to read it in another computer,it is impossible to read not be possible without the password. Even the hard disk is stolen, leakage of your valuable data can be prevented.

Easily removable battery and hard disk

It is possible to remove and replace the battery and hard disk, without even the need to deal with a screw, after simply opening a side cover of the mobile PC. It’s easy to replace the battery outdoor, and the hard disk can easily be removed for storage.

For further information about our products, how to purchase them and more, please visit the website of your region.

Specification and configuration may vary depending on country. Accessories may vary depending on your mobile PC configuration.
Specifications subject to change without notice.
Consult a Panasonic sales office near you for more details and availability of integrated options.

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