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Voice of Users

The latest Voice of Users

Case Study Theater

This video introduces case studies of Toughbook.
It will be updated every month.

Case Study Theater

Leicestershire Police

Sector : Field Service / Model Number : CF-19



Tokyo International Airport Runway D Construction (CF-U1)

Construction Industry IT Utilized in New Runway Construction. Toughbook supports Quicker Construction and Rigorous Quality Control.

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Tokai Kogyo Co., Ltd. (CF-U1/19)

Viewed from a bulldozer operator's seat, positional monitoring by satellite. Toughbook is helping bring about the general use of IT in the construction industry as promoted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

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Field Service

Japan Airport Fueling Service Co., Ltd. (JAFS) (CF-19)

Wireless WAN, linking office and service vehicles, enables real-time job progress monitoring. Next-generation refueling system helps keep flights running on time.

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Elemic Co., Ltd. (CF-U1)

"PDAs don't do enough!" CF-U1 with full Microsoft® Windows® Operating System capability chosen for maintenance service mobile system. Customers more satisfied with prompt and proper response.

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Caterpillar Central Japan Ltd. (CF-U1)

The indispensable Toughbook: for on-site computerization of everything from construction equipment diagnostics to energy efficiency.

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Fujino Kougyo Co., Ltd. (CF-18)

Introducing IT to the inspection and management of septic tanks, an indispensable facet of life in Tondabayashi city. Highly resistant to water, the Toughbook has been adopted as the mobile PC of choice for staff use.

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Airport Transport Service Co., Ltd. (CF-30/31)

Toughbook in action for the management of seat availability and quick delivery of accurate information under tough conditions.

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Japan Automobile Federation (CF-19)

Bringing more effective communication, the Toughbook has enabled more reassuring and rapid roadside response to stranded drivers.

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Team Abu Dhabi. (CF-19)

Sand flies and the car twists.
Toughbook withstands the punishment and makes you faster and smarter.

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Sugimoto Veterinary Clinic (FZ-G1) [updated]

The fully-rugged, lightweight FZ-G1 tablet improves efficiency by enabling on-site entry of electronic veterinary records in cowsheds and automatically issuing itemized bills.

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Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (CF-H1)

Lightweight, large screen, and fast processing speed. The unparalleled convenience of the CF-H1 cannot be compared to a PDA.

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Ogikubo Tadashi Clinic (CF-H1)

The status of all patients can be viewed anytime and appropriately responding to emergency calls is possible. Toughbook CF-H1 contributes to the realization of high quality home visits.

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Tokai Municipal Hospital (CF-H1)

The easily disinfected CF-H1 was introduced to limit possible super-flu infection. Used when operations are normal, the CF-H1 makes BCP deployment easy during pandemics.

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Fuji City General Hospital (CF-H1)

Safety increased through prevention of medical errors. Toughbook CF-H1 in service as mobile X-ray RIS terminal.

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Matsushita Memorial Hospital

Access the nurse assistance system using a TOUGBOOK CF-H1 from your hospital bedside. Uniform management complete with images.

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Food Industry

Morimatsu Suisan Reito Co., Ltd. (CF-H1)

The combination of Microsoft® Windows® Operating System and CF-H1 greatly improves system flexibility. In both fish market and in restaurant, efficiency is up and a zero error rate has been achieved.

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Kagetsudo Co., Ltd. (CF-H1)

Because it has hygienic specifications for healthcare, the CF-H1 is optimal for food preparation facilities. The CF-H1 mobile tablet computer is now at work on production lines.

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New-Quick CO., LTD. (CF-19)

Set up a terminal next to a sink? No problem. And even the older part-timers can use the system. Resistant to water and dust, the Toughbook has increased in-store efficiency.

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Market Trader Staff, Metropolitan Tokyo Central Wholesale Market Tsukiji (CF-30)

Even in the humid environment of a summer fish market, Toughbook proves itself. Everyone working in the wholesale market appreciates the easy-to-use touch screen.

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Sapporo Breweries Ltd. (CF-18)

As forklift terminals in the face of vibration. Efficient distribution that’s free from trouble.

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Nichirei Foods Inc. (CF-18)

In a situation challenged by powder and water,
Toughbook serves in frontline process record management .

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Q.P.Corporation (CF-18)
Toughbook enables achievement of flexible production system. Fine particles and water cause no trouble: problem rate zero.
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Panasonic Shiodome Museum

Toughpad 4K tablets substitute for the artworks of Georges Rouault while on the traveling exhibition around Japan. The colors and textures of the original works are faithfully reproduced on the tabletís screen.

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SmileWorks (CF-18)
Everybody said, “If you take a PC to a sports venue, it’ll just get broken.” Our Toughbook reinforced PC proves that assumption wrong.
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TREE OF LIFE Co., Ltd. (CF-W8)
Compact yet robust, the Toughbook is the terminal of choice in stylish stores. With built-in communications module, there were zero card malfunctions and zero card failures.
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Nihon Shokken Co., Ltd. (R Series)
Out on their rounds, as they create business opportunities with clients, busy sales reps make full use of the extended battery operation of their Toughbook PCs, which they wield as superior tough and lightweight tools.
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Sheikh Khalid Al Qasimi (CF-W5)
Found in Japan, the premier mobile for business and personal use.
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Takaoka Hospital (W Series)
For nursing visits, the Toughbook W Series is an essential partner.
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