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Customer : Sheikh Khalid Al Qasimi

Found in Japan, the premier mobile for business and personal use.

Which mobile computer to use for business and personal use? Sheikh Khalid Al Qasimi, Prince of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates is very fussy. He acquired two Toughbook W5s (Japanese name: Let'snote W5) for official affairs and personal use.The reason he chose Panasonic is because, "Toughbook PCs are stylish and able to put up with hard use.” We visited the prince's residence and Team Abu Dhabi to ask the prince about his life using the Toughbook.

Priority given to lightness and stylish design

Gatekeeper on duty 24/365

Passing through the grand, wooden gatehouse and into the grounds

Sharjah, where Sheikh Khalid Al Qasimi lives, is about an hour's drive along the highway from Dubai, which has attracted much attention as a major Middle Eastern resort. His palatial residence occupies an extensive site. After the gatekeeper opened the large wooden gates, we entered through the gatehouse. Beyond, we were surprised to find a private zoo laid out in the grounds. Passing that, we went through a second gateway and approached a building with an imposing entrance and lobby. I gasped when I saw how big the marble lobby was. This was the guest house.

I installed a wireless LAN in my home.
Being light in weight and having long battery life makes it perfect for wireless, mobile use in the large estate.

Spacious living room

Al Qasimi informed me, "We don't have any place here that you could call an office. My home is completely private. There are offices both in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. That's where we usually hold business meetings.” With meetings taking place in various offices and trips all over the world for rallies, he added that he can't do without mobile computing. Al Qasimi went on to say that he came across the Toughbook W5 about a year ago.
“You know, I found out about the Toughbook W5 about a year ago. We have a Japanese mechanic in the technical crew of the rally team. One day I had a meeting with him to work out details about an upcoming rally. I thought he was taking a note pad out his bag. It was actually a computer. Compared to the laptop I was using… There was no comparison, it was so much lighter.” Obviously he was impressed on his first encounter with a Toughbook. So, what are the actual reasons that someone like Al Qasimi would go for the Toughbook W5?
"First of all, it's light. There are a lot of heavy laptops that are mobile in name only. Then I picked up a Toughbook W5. I couldn't believe how light it was. I would think twice about walking around with a weighty laptop. With something this light, hesitation doesn't enter the picture." So saying, Al Qasimi added that he found out that it's possible to change the top plate of the same models which are sold in Japan. He was particularly concerned about getting the top plate color he liked. In the end he got two W5s, one silver feather and the other galaxy black.

"I adore cars and I love motor sports. I have garages full of sports cars. My particular favorites are made by Mercedes Benz. If you think about Mercedes-Benz, the color you see is silver. Silver has a high-class image, but it's also cool and stylish. Because silver is so closely associated with Mercedes, I really wanted a Toughbook W5 in the same color."
His other W5 has a galaxy black top plate. He thought silver and black complemented each other well and that the contrast they produced was cool and grown-up. The discriminating choice of different top plate colors had added to his pleasure in using the Toughbook W5.

Comparing laptop computers to sports cars

Involved in a full schedule of official duties, management of business and personal affairs, and rallying, Al Qasimi can't do without his Toughbook.

"Cars are an important means of self-expression. Laptop computers are the same. For example, the Porsche Carrera GT is regarded as a racing car that runs on public roads. Its engine and braking system were designed for racing cars. The body is made with carbon fiber, the same as in formula racing cars. If it was designed just like a racing car, you wouldn't be able to drive it on ordinary roads. But what Porsche did was to use racing spec parts to build a car that you can safely drive on public roads. It is great to have a sports car that you can also drive for everyday use. The Toughbook W5 has the performance and muscle to plough through deskwork. At the same time, even though it's light and nippy, it has excellent impact resistance. I think of it just like a sports car. Because of their high performance, cars like the Porsche are produced with a great deal of care. I feel that Toughbook W5s are created in the same spirit as Porsches." (Al Qasimi)

What Al Qasimi really appreciates is the shock resistance and other capabilities for standing up to hard use. Because he so often gets around by car, this is very important to Al Qasimi. In transit, he has complete confidence in the toughness of his Toughbook W5.

Rugged Toughbook W5 performs at rally meetings

Galaxy black Toughbook W5 matches the formality of princely duties.

As well as being a team driver, Al Qasimi owns Team Abu Dhabi, which qualified for the FIA Middle East Rally Championship. The final day of the event was to take place on the day following our visit, and we were lucky enough to be invited to accompany him to the race. The stage was being run in tough conditions over desert and semi-desert. Even in November, the temperature is in the 30s. In the summer it rises to 50C. Al Qasimi takes his Toughbook W5 along to such places.

“Since the Toughbook W5 is a laptop I take it almost everywhere I go. When doing things like inspecting the course the day before a rally, I check my mail during breaks and calm myself by using it to listen to music. Come to think of it, Team Abu Dhabi also uses the Toughbook, the CF-19.” (Al Qasimi)

The Team Abu Dhabi Toughbook CF-19 was acquired solely for use connected with rallies. It is also used for managing the rally car engines and, being able to instantly calculate times and distances, it is mounted in the vehicle to serve as a rally computer.


Toughbook W5 styling strikes a chord with this car enthusiast

"Before I started using the Toughbook W5, I thought that laptop computers were nothing more than tools. They had no special design or stylish features. I would normally get bored with the one I had and would replace it when a new model came out. The Toughbook W5, however, is different. First, just look at those distinctive lines. The styling is great. No other laptop has those pressed lines. The lid looks just like a car bonnet. If I had a completely free choice of color, it would be even better. I would love to do a special order for the same yellow color as my Porsche Carrera GT, which has won my heart.” "Be that as it may, I think the Toughbook W5 gives so much pleasure to its owner because the stylish design has been married to tough performance, which is assured by various tests. The Toughbook W5 is a rare laptop computer that allows me the same kind of expression in my lifestyle as a car.” (Al Qasimi)
For official affairs, for business, and for rallying, too. The Toughbook W5 puts in sterling service as the inseparable partner of Al Qasimi, a prince in the UAE who makes the most of life.

This is the yellow that Al Qasimi said he would like to get on special order.

Sheikh Khalid Al Qasimi

Sheikh Khalid Al Qasimi
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
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