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iF Design Award 2007 Winner

The world’s first home cinema projector with a built-in Full High Definition liquid crystal panel, designed to be suspended from the ceilings of exclusive home theater rooms and aimed primarily at male movie fans. Non-directional form and color for harmony with the space in which it is to be used (ceiling suspension in darkened rooms). An optional cover is available for concealing cables. Wide range lens shift mechanism and power zoom/focus for easy fine adjustments. Easily replaceable lamp from top of the unit and side replaceable filter provide increased usability. The projector is also equipped with a high-quality, stable, lens centering mechanism.
product design award 2007
About iF Award
Established in 1953 in a bid to encourage innovation in industrial design, the iF awards have developed into an annual event staged by the iF Industrial Forum Design in Hannover, Germany. The iF design jury of top-class designers and corporate designers selects the most outstanding examples from among the many industrial product designs submitted around the world. The iF award is among the most prestigious and well-known design award in Europe, the birthplace of industrial design.