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The PT-AR100 is ''Highly Rated'' by ProjectorCentral.

ProjectorCentral highly rates the PT-AR100 as a home entertainment projector and gives it 5 stars in the categories of features and value. The 5-star ratings are assigned based on the projector's overall performance, features, ease-of-use and value as compared to other projectors they reviewed within the resolution group.

Excerpts from the Conclusion of ProjectorCentral :
The bottom line is this: if you want a projector that performs in the living room, whether that be for games, or sports, or just television, the AR100U is about as good as it gets. (November 1, 2011)
Note: Product numbers vary depending on the market. PT-AR100 is the product number for areas outside of Europe, and PT-AH1000 is the product number within Europe.

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The PT-DZ8700 Series and PT-LB2/LB1 received the iF Award 2011

The Panasonic PT-DZ8700 Series 3-chip DLP™ projector and PT-LB2/LB1 compact LCD projector have received the iF Product Design Award 2011.

3-chip DLP™ Projector PT-DZ8700 Series

3-chip DLP™ Projector PT-DZ8700 Series

LCD Projector PT-LB2/LB1

LCD Projector PT-LB2/LB1

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Established in 1953 in a bid to encourage innovation in industrial design, the iF Product Design Award has developed into an annual event staged by the iF Industrial Forum Design in Hannover, Germany. The iF design jury of top-class designers and corporate designers selects the most outstanding examples from among the many industrial product designs submitted around the world. The iF award is among the most prestigious and well-known design award in Europe, the birthplace of industrial design.