Case Studies

  • Hiroshima City University
  • Rio 2016 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games
  • Deepen Your Scientific Knowledge / New Case Study: Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
  • Entirely Immersive World / New Case Study: Kennedy Center’s  Washington National Opera (USA)
  • Grasping the traffic network / New Case Study: Kumamoto Prefectural Police Department (Traffic Control Center), Japan
  • Immersed in a digital playground / FUTURE WORLD at ArtScience Museum (Singapore)
  • Feel an amazing nature! / New Case Study: Orbi Osaka (Japan)
  • Reproducing Boundless Oceans / New Case Study: Australian Maritime College (Australia)
  • Lighting Up a Little Bit of History / New Case Study: Colosseum Light Messages (Italy)
  • Lighting Up Expo Milano / New Case Study: Expo Milano 2015 (Italy)

Events / Rental Staging

Product Country Video

Rio 2016 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games3D Projection Mapping

As a Worldwide Olympic Partner and Worldwide Paralympic Partner, Panasonicís contribution to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games included supply of more than 100 large-venue projectors used throughout the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. Panasonic also provided projection solutions at selected event venues, pavilions, and support facilities as part of a wider commitment to visual systems supply at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. PT-DZ21K2, PT-RZ31K, PT-RQ13K, and more Brazil Video

Colosseum Light Messages (Italy)3D Projection Mapping

An event was held in which the colosseum was lit up to commemorate the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Italy and Japan.
Panasonic Projectors projected dramatic images onto the walls of this World Heritage Site.
PT-DZ21K2 (x9) Italy Video

i Light Marina Bay 20163D Projection Mapping

The fourth edition of i Light Marina Bay kicked off featuring 25 innovative and environmentally sustainable light art installations by creative talents from around the world. Among a number of spectacular showcases, Panasonic projectors supported prominent artwork in Asia's leading light art festival. PT-DZ21K (x17) Singapore Video

Moscow International Festival “Circle of Light”3D Projection Mapping

The Moscow International Festival “Circle of Light” is an annual event at which light and graphic designers utilize the urban space of Moscow as a canvas for multimedia and light installations. Panasonic flagship projectors strongly supported the festival and set a Guinness world record for the “Largest Projected Image.”


Geometry Manager
Pro Software and
the ET-UK20
Optional Upgrade Kit

Russia Video

Kabuki Spectacle at the Fountains of Bellagio3D Projection Mapping

On a stage floating on an artificial lake, a dynamic performance combining Kabuki with cutting-edge technology took place. Panasonic has achieved one of the world’s largest water screen projections with its 16 flagship projectors. PT-DZ21K (x16) USA Video

Coldplay - Ghost Stories TV Special / Ghost Stories Live 20143D Projection Mapping

For the launch of Coldplay’s album, ‘Ghost Stories,’
a state-of-the-art video solution was created and Panasonic PT-DZ21K projectors contributed to worldwide promotional shows in two different venues.
(x46 for Ghost Stories TV Special, x16 for Ghost Stories Live 2014)
USA, UK Video

iMapp Bucharest 5553D Projection Mapping

iMapp Bucharest 555, a multimedia show, was held at the Palace of the Parliament, in Bucharest.
104 Panasonic projectors were used to create one of the world’s largest architectural 3D projection mapping shows to commemorate the 555th anniversary of Bucharest.

PT-DZ21K (x104)

Geometry Manager
Pro Software and
the ET-UK20
Optional Upgrade Kit

Romania Video

Singapore Night Festival 20143D Projection Mapping

Night Lights, one of the highlights of the Singapore Night Festival, has returned to the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) again this year. The museum facade is transformed into a vast canvas and Panasonic
PT-DZ21K projectors create a vivid image of Mother Nature.
PT-DZ21K (x5)
(Optional lens:
ET-D75LE50 x 2,
ET-D75LE6 x 3)
Singapore Video

International Military Music Festival "Spasskaya Tower" (Russia)3D Projection Mapping

The Annual International Music Festival “Spasskaya Tower” took place in Moscow’s Red Square.
Panasonic acted as technical partner for the festival, in which PT-DZ21K projectors were used to create vibrant 3D projection mapping on St. Basil's Cathedral.

PT-DZ21K (x19)

Geometry Manager
Pro Software and
the ET-UK20
Optional Upgrade Kit

Russia Video

Roger Waters Tour 2013 - The Wall Live3D Projection Mapping

Roger Waters’ seminal ‘The Wall Live’ world tour returned to Europe in 2013. To bring these creative shows to life, Panasonic PT-DZ21K and PT-DS20K projectors were installed into grand scale stadiums and arenas. PT-DZ21K
(x36 total)
Various European Regions Video

i Light Marina Bay 20143D Projection Mapping

i Light Marina Bay 2014, a sustainable light art festival, marked its 3rd anniversary with over 20 art installations around the waterfront. On the facade of the iconic ArtScience Museum, a large-scale projection emerged with Panasonic flagship projectors. PT-DZ21K (x16) Singapore Video

Singapore Night Festival 20133D Projection Mapping

The Singapore Night Festival features several light installations spread over the festival grounds. This year, Panasonic supported the festival as the official projection partner and the Singapore Art Museum’s facade was covered with an interactive 3D projection mapping. PT-DZ21K (x5) Singapore Video

The Venetian® Macao-Resort-Hotel3D Projection Mapping

The Venetian® Macao-Resort-Hotel launched a spectacular 3D light and sound show called "The Magic of the Seasons." The dazzling light show was made possible by innovative digital projection mapping technology and 26 high-brightness projectors. PT-DZ21K (x26) Macau Video

Brandenburg Gate (Berlin Festival of Lights 2012)3D Projection Mapping

Coloring the famous Brandenburg Gate in Berlin with vibrant 3D projection mapping, the Panasonic PT-DZ21K proved its superior performance in the events sector, creating a new visual experience for the Festival of Lights. PT-DZ21K (x4) Germany Video

London 2012 Olympic Games

The Opening Ceremony officially marked the start of the London 2012 Olympic Games. Panasonic boosted the mood by providing the very latest ultra-bright projection technology to help light up the Opening/Closing Ceremonies, the arenas and the pavilions for various countries with incredible images, vivid colors and high-resolution detail. PT-DZ21K Series,
PT-DZ8700 Series,
and more
UK Video

Museum / Exhibition

Product Country Video

Kennedy Center’s Washington National Opera

The Kennedy Center's Washington National Opera (WNO) put on a complete Ring Cycle performance.
Panasonic projectors have the perfect balance of brightness, compactness, and powerful software for stage productions.
PT-DZ13K (x 6)
PT-DZ21K (x 6)
USA Video

FUTURE WORLD at ArtScience Museum (Singapore)

ArtScience Museum‘s new permanent exhibition, “FUTURE WORLD: Where Art Meets Science”, was launched to mark the fifth anniversary of the museum. Panasonic was honoured to be the “Official Projection Partner” bringing digital art installations to life through cutting-edge technology. PT-DZ780 (x5)
PT-EZ580 (x37)
TH-55LFV70 (x4)
TH-65LFE8 (x6)
Singapore Video

Orbi Osaka

Orbi Osaka is an entirely new type of museum that invites visitors to enjoy an ultimate form of immersion that allows them to feel the secrets of nature over their entire body. The core of this museum is the amazing collection of images captured and stored by BBC Earth. Orbi Osaka uses a video system that consists mainly of Panasonic laser projectors and professional displays.

41 Units
Space Players:
5 Units
Professional Displays:
43 Units

Total: 89 Units

Japan -

Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center

The first presidential center of the Russian Federation was launched in the Urals with immersive installations and the latest experiential programs. In the spacious atrium, the world’s largest stationary projection diorama shines with Panasonic high-end projectors. PT-DS20K2/DS20K (x30) Russia -

"Hesse’s Drawing: A Travel to Myself" (Seoul, South Korea)

A commemorative exhibition presenting the drawings and photographs of illustrious poet and novelist Hermann Hesse. It was held at the War Memorial of Korea in Seoul. Panasonic LCD projectors succeeded in transforming the entire exhibition space into a canvas. PT-EZ580 (x32) South Korea Video

Petersen Automotive Museum

Petersen Automotive Museum, based in Los Angeles, had reopened with much fanfare after being shuttered for 14 months. One of the goals was to make the space more experiential, and Panasonic projectors brought an integral part of the museum to life.

PT-RZ670 (x4)
PT-DZ870 (x17)
PT-DZ780 (x26)

Professional Displays:
TH-98LQ70 (x1)
TH-80LF50 (x1)
TH-70LF50 (x1)
TH-55LF80 (x6)

USA Video

“Connected Worlds” at New York Hall of Science

The New York Hall of Science (NYSCI) has launched the interactive “Connected Worlds” exhibition to encourage visitors to think about environmental sustainability. Panasonic 3-Chip DLP™ projectors create fantastic scenery with a revolutionary approach. PT-DZ21K (x9)
PT-DZ13K (x10)
USA Video

Science Centre Singapore3D Projection Mapping

Science Centre Singapore unveiled its latest exhibition, called the E-mmersive Experiential Environments (E3), which combines different virtual reality technologies to create a fully immersive experience for visitors.
Panasonic supports this breathtaking exhibition showcasing the alliance between science, technology and education.
PT-RZ670 (x29) Singapore Video

Edo-Tokyo Museum

The Edo-Tokyo Museum preserves and exhibits various historical and cultural articles. In March 2015, the exhibition system of the museum underwent a major renewal. In the renovated museum, Panasonic projectors introduce the Edo culture with sharp, clear images. PT-DZ21K (x4)
PT-DZ870 (x1)
PT-DW740 (x1)
PT-DX810 (x1)
PT-DW640S (x2)
Japan -

Expo Milano 2015

Panasonic supplied more than 640 visual systems in over 40 pavilions at Expo Milano 2015, themed “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. Selected for high quality and reliability, our projectors were used to create breathtaking images on a huge variety of surfaces while interactive touch-screen and video-wall panels served a feast for the senses. Projectors:
Over 470 Units
Professional Displays:
Over 170 Units

Total: Over 640 Units
Italy Video

Japan Air Self-Defense Force Hamamatsu Air Base Publication Center (Air Park)

Hamamatsu Air Park exhibits jet fighters and defense equipment and also introduces activities of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force that not many people have a chance to see. The All-Around Theater, a popular attraction at the Air Park, was renewed in April 2015. In the renewed theater, Panasonic projectors are used to provide dynamic images. PT-DZ10K (x5) Japan -

Australian Museum

The Australian Museum's blockbuster exhibition, ”Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family,” opened and crowds poured through the doors to see giant fossils of T-Rex and his relatives. A large-scale immersive projection system creates a fusion of the present and time immemorial.

PT-DZ870 (x10)*
ET-DLE030 (x8)
PT-DZ770 (x1)

(*8 units are installed
with the ET-DLE030)

Australia -

Parque Explora Medellin

Parque Explora Medellin is an interactive science museum in Medellin, Colombia. It has Latin America's largest aquarium "Explora Aquario," which welcomes guests with lively prologue projection by Panasonic SOLID SHINE series projectors. PT-RW330 (x12) Columbia -

Funky Forest: Children’s Season 2010 at the Singapore Art Museum

Children’s Season at the Singapore Art Museum was launched as an educational platform aimed at inspiring and stimulating young minds through contemporary art. Panasonic projectors were used for the "Funky Forest" interactive contemporary art exhibit to engage and entertain the school children. PT-D6000 Singapore Video

Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center

A spectacular museum showcasing Jewish culture and history opened its doors in November 2012. Located in Moscow, the innovative exhibitions, including Panasonic’s cutting-edge projection, provide a thought-provoking experience to its visitors. PT-DZ8700
Russia Video

China National Convention Center

Visitors to a unique display on a multi-faced 228-meter-long, flat and curved screen are able to experience an extraordinary new Chinese exhibition titled Old Beijing Gets Moving. New life is breathed into old paintings by Panasonic projectors. PT-DW6300K (x56) China Video

Papalote Children's Museum Digital Dome Theater

Children who visit the Papalote Children's Museum in Mexico City can totally immerse themselves in another world. Behind the scenes, Panasonic DLP™ projectors produce Full-HD images on the screen of the Banamex Digital Dome theater in the museum. PT-DZ8700 (x8) Mexico -

Nagasaki Prefecture Nagasaki Port Matsugae International Cruise Ship Terminal

At the new ocean gateway of the Port of Nagasaki emerges an image projection system designed to present the charm of Nagasaki to visitors. PT-DW6300K (x12) Japan -

Shanghai World Expo 2010

More than 1,000 DLP™ Panasonic projectors were used in over 50 pavilions at the 2010 Shanghai Expo. See the pavilions using Panasonic projectors, and learn how they helped to visualize this year's theme of a "Better City, Better Life" from countries and corporations around the world. 1,048 units China -

Uji City Board of Education The Tale of Genji Museum

The Tale of Genji Museum has completed a renovation of the contents of its exhibits. Crisp, full high-definition images play a key role in the museum's new look. Panasonic DLP™ projectors are used to present the world of The Tale of Genji in its full glory. PT-DW10000
Japan -

West Japan Industry and Trade Convention Association Kitakyushu International Conference Center

Materials for various academic and international conferences are shown in bright, crisp high definition images by Panasonic projectors. PT-DW10000
PT-DW7000 (x2)
Japan -

Inamura-no-Hi no Yakata Tsunami Educational Center

Hamaguchi Goryo Archives/Tsunami Educational Center is meant to raise awareness of the threat of tsunamis, and to shed light on the process of emergency evacuation. The terror of a tsunami is brought home to viewers in a 3D simulation on a giant screen. PT-DW10000 (x2) Japan -

Education / Training

Product Country Video

Hiroshima City University

Hiroshima City University recently upgraded 13 legacy projectors to Panasonic SOLID SHINE Laser systems, including versatile solutions in 12 classrooms and a 12,000 lm PT-RZ12KJ in the large lecture theater venue. PT-RZ12KJ (x 1)
PT-RW630JW (x 6)
PT-RZ570JW (x 6)
ET-YFB200 (x 8)
Japan Video

Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

QUT upgraded the existing projectors of The Forum to PT-RZ12K models for compatibility with a 3D screen. The Cube was also upgraded to PT-RQ13K models to enable 8K projection. PT-RQ13K (x 4)
PT-RZ12K (x 3)
PT-RZ670 (x 3)
Australia Video

Australian Maritime College (AMC)

Australian Maritime College (AMC) has upgraded to the latest in state-of-the-art maritime simulation training technology for students and commercial clients. The upgrade includes Panasonic’s ultra-high resolution 4K+ Full Mission Bridge Simulation Projection System, using five Panasonic PT-RQ13K 3-chip DLP™ laser projectors with 4K+ resolution.

PT-RQ13K (x5)
ET-D75LE50 (x5)

Geometry Manager
Pro Software and
the ET-UK20
Optional Upgrade Kit,

Australia Video

Towson University

When Towson University opened a new liberal arts building in 2011, the Technology Services team wanted to make sure that their AV investments would pay off for the future. Panasonic SOLID SHINE series projectors exceed team's expectations. PT-RZ670 (x7)
PT-RZ370 (x103)

Doshisha University, Ryoshinkan bldg. and Shikokan bldg.

The Ryoshinkan and Shikokan buildings on Doshisha University's two campuses are equipped with the most advanced AV equipment to stay ahead of the changes in this day and age. Panasonic has provided cutting-edge visual solutions to support better understanding in this learning environment. PT-DZ21K (x2)
PT-DZ8700 (x21)
PT-DW6300S (x27)
Japan -

Doshisha University, Ryoshinkan Learning Commons

The Ryoshinkan Learning Commons of Doshisha University opened with the latest AV/ICT equipment to develop the students’unlimited abilities in their academic majors and specialties. In this new learning environment, Panasonic video systems deliver clear, crisp images to support the students' research activities. PT-DZ6710L (x4)
PT-DZ6700L (x2)
PT-DW530 (x2)
PT-TW230 (x5)
Japan -

Kingston University

Kingston University is undergoing a £30 million IT infrastructure transformation to ensure that students at the University have a first-class learning environment. 170 Panasonic PT-RZ370 LED/Laser projectors were installed in lecture and seminar rooms across the university. PT-RZ370 (x170) UK Video

Kobe University, Education Center on Computational Science and Engineering

In 2014, the Education Center on Computational Science and Engineering was established within the Integrated Research Center of Kobe University to focus on visualizing big data in various fields and deepening research activities. In the Education Center, Panasonic projectors are used to project sharp and clear 3D data images to support research activities. PT-DZ870W (x2) Japan -

Southeastern University

Bush Chapel in Southeastern University is one of the university’s busiest spaces and has a capacity of 750-hosting 2,000-3,000 student experiences via large performances per week. The combination of Panasonic’s award-winning projectors and ultra-short throw lens create a screen that is 40 feet (12.2 meters) wide.

PT-DZ870 (x6)*
ET-DLE030 (x4)

(*4 units are installed
with the ET-DLE030)


Svendborg International Maritime Academy (SIMAC)

Denmark’s largest maritime educational institution has upgraded the ship bridge simulator, and Panasonic’s leading-edge technology contributed a full-scale visual system. PT-DZ870 (x7)
(Optional lens:
Denmark Video

Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

Providing a truly innovative learning experience, the brand new Science and Engineering Centre at Queensland University of Technology created
“The CUBE”—one of the world’s largest digital interactive learning and display spaces which used many Panasonic projectors.

PT-DZ21K (x4)*
PT-DZ6710 (x6)*
PT-DZ6700 (x14)
PT-EZ570E (x40)

* For the CUBE

Australia Video

Art Center College of Design

Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, offers a forward-thinking curriculum that prepares its students for a wide array of careers. When the school partnered with Panasonic projectors, it quickly realized the opportunities for students were endless. PT-FW100NT USA Video

H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute

Today, the center is fully equipped with Panasonic digital projectors that play a vital role in support of the center’s lifesaving work. PT-DW10000
Multiple units of
USA Video

University of Tokyo Yasuda Auditorium

In April 2007, the University of Tokyo ("Todai") celebrated the 130th anniversary of its establishment at its current location. Panasonic projectors support Todai, as it continues to symbolize to the world the power of Japanese scholarship. PT-D10000 (x2) Japan -

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University is a new university founded on a clear concept, and established by the tradition-steeped mother school in Kyoto. In the university’s classrooms and lecture halls, Panasonic DLP™ projectors are an essential part of classes, lectures, and student life. PT-D7700 (x2)
PT-D5700 (x3)
PT-D5600 (x36)
PT-DW5100 (x6)
Japan -

Olathe District Schools

Every classroom in the Olathe District Schools is equipped with a large, easy to see screen and a Panasonic projector which allow teachers to freely display a wide variety of lesson materials. PT-F100NT (x250) USA Video

Dodge College of Film and Media Arts at Chapman University

Panasonic is in partnership with Dodge College of Film and Media Arts at Chapman University, and its DLP™ projectors are helping to educate the people who will lead the film industry into the future. PT-DW7000 (x5)
PT-D3500 (x15)
USA Video

Corporate / Business

Product Country Video

UNESCO Headquarters

The UNESCO Paris Headquarters incorporated the latest AV systems into their largest conference room for the occasion of UNESCO's 70th anniversary. Panasonic provided a comprehensive AV solution, including a projector, a multi-purpose camera, a multi-format live switcher, a remote camera controller and a memory card portable recorder.

PT-DZ21K (x1)

Professional Displays:
TH-50LFC70 (x2)
TH-65LFB70 (x2)

Professional AV Products:
AK-HC1800 (x3)
AG-HPD24 (x1)
AV-HS450 (x1)
AW-RP50 (x1)
BT-LH1850 (x1)

France -

Tokyo Big Sight3D Projection Mapping

Huge projection mapping on the exterior walls of the Big Sight Conference Tower started for the purpose of revitalizing its vicinity, the Ariake District, also known as Tokyo Waterfront City. This projection mapping is playing a major role in enlivening the waterfront area. PT-DZ21K (x8) Japan -

Cathedral of Our Lady (Frauenkirche) in Munich

The Cathedral of Our Lady (Frauenkirche) is a landmark in the city of Munich. The late-Gothic brick edifice dazzles visitors and inspires solemnity. Panasonic’s visual solution makes church services and ceremonies more engaging without compromising solemn dignity. PT-DZ21K (x2)
Germany -

Panasonic Center Osaka (Corporate Showroom)

Panasonic Center Osaka is a Global Communications Hub for Panasonic. Using large wall screens and other unique display systems, Panasonic projectors offer highly innovative audiovisual solutions.

PT-DZ21K (x3)
PT-DW8300 (X10)*
PT-DZ770S (x1)

(* 9 units for the curved surface projection system.)

Japan -

Kurobe River Electric Memorial Museum

The Kurobe River Electric Memorial Museum displays hydroelectric development challenges against the backdrop of Kurobe Dam, one of the world's largest-scale dams. Panasonic projectors create a dynamic projection system suitable for this museum, which is based on the theme of "water." PT-DZ8700 (x1)
PT-DZ6700L (x7)
Japan -

Warsaw Congress Hall

Panasonic installed 12 of its PT-DZ21K large-venue projectors for the World Cup of software programmers in Warsaw's historic Congress Hall, one of Poland’s most well-known heritage sites. About 3,000 guests were impressed to see the beautiful images that lit up the 40-meter span of the multi-level dome inside the hall. PT-DZ21K (x12)
PT-DZ110X (x6)
Poland -

Hotel Nakayamasou, Wedding Hall "Luce"

The Hotel Nakayamasou in Miyazaki Prefecture has built a new wedding hall called “Luce". In the chapel, a magical atmosphere is created by an interactive floor projection, helping couples have a memorable wedding experience. PT-D5700 (x2) Japan -

Laser Pacific Media Corporation

Laser Pacific Media Corporation is a post-production company that serves clients such as Hollywood producers and directors. Here, AE Series projectors are at work to meet the demand for highly precise image reproduction. PT-AE1000 (x10)
PT-AE2000 (x3)
USA Video

adidas Brand Center

Within the Brand Center at the global headquarters of leading sports brand adidas, near Nuremburg in Germany, is the world's longest projection wall which consists of 25 Panasonic projectors delivering an incredible 105 m long image. PT-D7700 (x26) Germany -

Krombacher Brewery Visitor Center

Visitors to the center are able to walk across a floor of moving images that are projected from below ground. This is achieved using Panasonic projectors housed in a room that has been dug out of the ground specifically for the visual installation. PT-D7700 (x1)
PT-D5500 (x4)
Germany -

Van Dyke United Methodist Church

The use of the cameras and Panasonic DLP™ projectors allow Van Dyke to display hymn lyrics and scripture readings as well as vivid images, enhancing the pastor's sermon in real time. PT-DW7000 (x2) USA Video

mediarte Entertainment Works Co., Ltd.

In July 2007, one of the largest and most technologically advanced post-production facilities in Japan opened in Tokyo’s Yoyogi district. A Panasonic DLP™ projector is employed on the “Music Stage” where top-notch visual and audio works are produced one after another. PT-D7700 (x2) Japan -

KATSUTAYA Wedding Hall

KATSUTAYA Wedding Hall has produced countless weddings throughout its thirty-year history. Panasonic projectors play a part in creating more impressive wedding ceremonies. PT-DW10000 (x1)
PT-D7700 (x4)
PT-D3500 (x2)
Japan -


The PT-DW7000U projectors are now the centerpieces of WESH-TV's redesigned set, creating backgrounds with moving graphics for the anchors and reporters. PT-DW7000 USA Video


Product Country Video

HONMA GOLF CO., LTD., Shinagawa Studio

HONMA GOLF opened its flagship Shinagawa Studio store with the goal of broadening its customer base. Vivid, wide-screen images cast by this new store's Panasonic projectors help to deliver a wide range of information to the public. PT-D5700L (x3) Japan -

LaROK and 7 for All Mankind

LaROK and 7 for All Mankind rely on the bright images of Panasonic projectors to engage their shoppers and incorporate technology into fashion. PT-D5600 (x4)
PT-D3500 (x3)
PT-AX100 (x1)
USA Video


Product Country Video


In Panama there is always an excuse to have a good party! Either right after office hours, watching your favorite sport game or having fun with your children, your attention is always caught by the vivid color and bright images. PT-D5600 (x10)
PT-D3500 (x3)
PT-AX100 (x13)
Panama -

Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa

Today, casinos are using cutting-edge and emerging technologies to lure visitors and entertain players on the game floor. Panasonic projectors provide 24/7 projection so that the action never wanes on the game floor. PT-DW7000 (x18) USA Video

The Berchtesgaden Salt Mine "Salt Time Journey"

A variety of multimedia equipment gives visitors a unique insight into the production processes used in one of Germany's few remaining working salt mines. PT-D3500 (x11)
Germany -

BAR bowl

“BAR bowl” has opened in a bustling, youth-oriented section of Kyoto. The clientele drink and dance while a DJ spins the latest hip-hop tracks. Vivid moving images produced by a Panasonic DLP™ projector provides the backdrop. PT-D4000 Japan -

Campbelltown City Bowl

Campbelltown City Bowl in Sydney's west has installed 15 Panasonic PT-LB30E LCD projectors. The projectors are the centrepiece of the 30-lane layout, with each projected image spanning two lanes, providing all bowlers with a view of the screens. PT-LB30 (x15) Australia -

Others (Monitoring, TV program, etc.)

Product Country Video

Kumamoto Prefectural Police Department (Traffic Control Center)Multi Vision

The Traffic Control Center installed two Multi-Screen Systems. The systems were configured with Panasonic PT-RZ670 1-Chip DLP™ Laser Projectors with ET-DLE055 Zoom Lens, twenty 72-inch displays, and four 65-inch displays. PT-RZ670 (x 24)
(Optional lens:
ET-DLE055 x 24)
Japan -

Niigata Prefectural Police Department (Traffic Control Center)Multi Vision

The Traffic Control Center monitors traffic conditions in the prefecture and controls traffic flows to maintain a safe and smooth flow of vehicles. The Center has recently renovated the information display system by replacing the existing display system with Panasonic's 16-screen multi-vision projection system. PT-RZ475 (x16) Japan -

Discovery Channel, Smash Lab

TV shows can take months of planning, preparation
and labor to produce a top-quality, innovative and
entertaining program for viewers. The PT-DW10000 enhanced the Smash Lab's production process with its high-quality images.
PT-DW10000 USA -

BlueScope Steel Ltd.

BlueScope Steel has installed seven Panasonic DLP™ (digital light processing) projectors at its Port Kembla Steelworks, as large viewing screens for critical process control of manufacturing operations. PT-D5600 (x3)
PT-D5500 (x4)
Australia -
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