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Application Ideas for Classroom / Seminar Room

Optimizing visual communication using multiple screens.

The arrangement and number of screens that will eliminate blind spots are important.

It looks distorted from an angle. It's difficult to see from the back of the room.
A complaint that often arises from students is that the screen is difficult to see depending on where they sit. In a room with poor visibility, it can be difficult to stay focused on the lecture.
Install multiple screens to match the classroom's size and shape.
A suitable number of screens will ensure good visibility from any seat in the room. The high brightness and excellent imaging technology of Panasonic projectors also help to achieve projected images that are easy to see.

Project onto a screen at the back of the classroom as a reference for the lecturers to improve the flow of the lectures.

Let's see, on the right side of this screen...
When using images during lectures, the instructor has to talk while turning around each time to check the screen, and it's hard to keep track of the students.
The same images can be projected onto monitors directly in front of and behind the instructor. Lectures can be carried out smoothly while the instructor maintains eye contact with the students. Also, Panasonic projectors can clearly display vivid colors even in brightly lit rooms, thanks to their superb color reproduction.
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