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Application Ideas for Auditorium

Transmit information with large, bright images with high resolution for maximum impact.

Connect multiple projection images to reproduce large-scale images with high quality.

I want bigger screen with more brightness and higher picture quality.
If the brightness and resolution of the projector are insufficient, the images become dim and blurred, making them difficult to see even from seats that are close to the screen. The appeal of the content will be reduced significantly especially in large auditoriums.
Panasonic projectors, with their high image quality, are capable of producing stunning images right down to the finest details.
The lineup includes high-resolution WUXGA and full HD compatible models that deliver the life-like images that you see in a movie theater.

The built-in Edge Blending and Color Matching functions of DLP™ models let you freely combine the images of multiple Panasonic projectors both vertically and horizontally, to produce even larger images. You don't need to make complicated adjustments with external devices, and you can project a variety of images based on your needs, such as for ceremonies or for watching movies.
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