Projector Feature Guide

Picture Performance

Daylight View

Daylight View technology enhances image visibility even under bright lighting. A built-in sensor measures the ambient light, and adjusts the halftone color and brightness level according to the surrounding illumination. Because it produces easy-to-see images without having to increase the lamps' output power, it helps to reduce power consumption.
With System Daylight View, the setting can be changed manually to optimize image color perception depending on the usage environment.

Detail Clarity Processor

An advanced image-processing circuit analyzes the video signal frequency range for each scene by extracting data on the distribution of high, mid, and low-frequency components, and brings out fine details accordingly. The resulting images have a more natural, three-dimensional appearance with crisp, clear detail.

RGB Booster

The RGB Booster achieves high image quality with a level of brightness and color reproduction that makes each color stand out.
It consists of the following two functions:

• Vivid Color Control:
This unique control technology optimizes the use of the color segment areas of the color wheel.
It increases the brightness of each RGB color by minimizing the unallocated portions between the colors,
to achieve truly vivid coloring.

• Lamp Modulation Drive System:
It controls the lamp intensity for each of the red, green, blue, and white segments of the color wheel separately.
Because the actual light output is controlled in relation to each color segment, light usage is optimized and
color balance is obtained without lowering the brightness.

In addition, models equipped with Dynamic RGB Booster analyze images frame by frame, and modulate the lamp output to match each scene. This achieves optimal brightness and color reproduction for a wide variety of scenes.

Useful Features

Equipped with a DIGITAL LINK terminal, the DIGITAL LINK-ready projectors allow transmission of HDMI, uncompressed HD digital video, audio and control signals (Ethernet, RS-232C) for up to 100 meters (328 feet) through a single CAT5e (STP) cable or higher. This simplifies cabling and system upgrades, making it ideal for ceiling-mounted and other permanent installations. Hence, it is a cost-effective, long-distance and high-quality digital transmission solution.

Optional ET-YFB100G Digital Interface Box for Easy Setup

By combining the optional ET-YFB100G Digital Interface Box, with its HDMI and other input terminals, uncompressed HD digital video, audio and control signals can be transmitted up to 100 m (328 feet) over a single CAT5e (STP) cable or higher. It allows projector connection with only one cable, making it ideal for ceiling-mounted and other permanent installations.
Also, because control signals can be simultaneously transmitted, the ET-YFB100G input signal can easily be switched with the wireless remote control that is included with the projector. The projector can be controlled by either serial or LAN communication.

DIGITAL LINK technology allows simple new 1 to 1 system.

Advantages:・A cost effective approach to cabling and layout・Digital transmission provides less signal degradation・Allows long distance transmission with a single cable
Digital Interface Box ET-YFB100G (Optional) Product Information
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Also Supports Other Manufacturers’ Peripheral Equipment

DIGITAL LINK is an original function added to HDBaseT™ technology. Signals from the ET-YFB100G can also be relayed to a non-DIGITAL LINK-ready projector by using another manufacturer’s equipment based on the same technology.*

* Input selection and other ET-YFB100G operations can be performed only when connecting to a DIGITAL LINK compatible projector.
Note: HDBaseT™ is a trademark of the HDBaseT Alliance.

DIGITAL LINK technology allows easy integration into an existing control system.

Existing SystemDigital Interface Box ET-YFB100G (Optional) / DIGITAL LINK Compatible EquipmentConnecting to a DIGITAL LINK-ready Projector
Digital Interface Box ET-YFB100G (Optional) Product Information
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The ET-YFB100G includes a scaling/resizing function, and can be operated by the projector's remote control.


For details on other manufacturers' equipment, see the list of tested compatible equipment.

Wireless Function

Wireless projectors require no cables for PC connection. That means you don't have to worry about cable lengths, and you can flexibly lay out the system for fast, easy setup and removal.

Cable Free!
Flexible Layout!

Panasonic projectors allow the following wireless projection methods.

Method 1:
Using the Wireless Manager ME software*1 makes it easy to transfer data from the screen of a personal computer through the PC's wireless LAN function.*2

Projection from PCs Wireless Manager ME software Software Download

Method 2:
Simply plug the optional ET-UW100 Easy Wireless Stick*3 into your PC’s USB terminal. The ET-UW100 integrates a wireless application and a wireless LAN adapter, so you don't have to install any complicated application software or make time-consuming settings.

Quick and easy projection from PCs Easy Wireless Stick(ET-UW100) Product Information

Method 3:
Free app "Panasonic Wireless Projector for iOS" and "Panasonic Wireless Projector for Android" allows wireless projection from iOS/Android devices. And the Marker function*4 lets you project or save lines drawn freehand on the iOS device screen.

Projection from iOS/Android devices Panasonic Wireless Projector for iOS/Android Application Information
Each version of Wireless Manager ME is compatible with specified projector models. Be sure to use the Wireless Manager ME software supplied with each projector. If Wireless Manager ME of a different version is used, there will be some restrictions on usable functions depending on models. For details, see the software download page.
If the computer is not equipped with a wireless LAN function, a wireless LAN card is required. In the case of Mac computers,
only the built-in wireless LAN function is supported.
The ET-UW100 is available in the following countries and regions as of July 2012. North America, England, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Holland, Finland, Portugal, Greece, and Japan.
The Marker function is available for the Wireless Projector for iOS only.

Audio Out During Standby

Audio can be output from the audio output terminal in Standby mode*.
This function is useful when the audio output terminal is connected to the external audio system** via the projector.

* Select the Menu for setting.
** In addition to the speaker, an audio amplifier is necessary.


Filter System

Some lamp-based projectors use long-life filter systems, such as the Auto Cleaning Filter and the Eco Filter. A long replacement cycle reduces the hassle of maintenance. We also have SOLID SHINE Series projectors, which feature a filter-free system.

Auto Cleaning Filter

The Auto Cleaning Filter (ACF) automatically winds the filter and cleans its surface when the clog sensor detects dust and at preset time intervals.

Auto Cleaning Filter

Eco Filter

The Eco Filter has an electrostatic Micro Cut Filter that collects minute dust particles with an ion effect. The filter is pleated to increase the dust-trapping capability for a long duration. In addition, as an environmental consideration, the filter can be washed with water and reused.*

* When washing with water, please follow the procedures listed in the operating instructions. Also, we recommend replacing the filter with a new one after it has been washed and reused twice. If the filter is not sufficiently clean after washing, replace it with a new one.

Eco Filter

Filter-free System

SOLID SHINE Series projectors with the new LED/Laser-combined light source require no filter replacement due to carefully engineered sealed optics.
You enjoy maintenance-free use for about 20,000 hours* while maintaining excellent brightness and picture quality.

* A guideline for light source replacement. The maintenance-free period may be shortened due to environmental conditions.

Filter-free System

Wide Lens Shift

The wide shift range accommodates various room sizes and shapes.
When lights or ventilation holes are located in the ceiling mounting site, you can simply relocate the projector to avoid them.

Example of Vertical / Horizontal Lens Shift

Note: This illustration shows the vertical/horizontal lens shift (possible projector setting range) of the PT-RZ370 when mounted to the ceiling.

Geometric Adjustment Feature

Geometric Adjustment

This function adjusts the image for projection onto spherical, cylindrical and other specially shaped screens. You can make the adjustment easily using only the remote control, with no external equipment needed.
New Geometric Adjustment* has 4-Corner Adjustment and Keep Aspect Off functions for simple and fine adjustment.

* Applied to certain models. Please check each product pages.

Geometry Manager Pro Software and Upgrade Kit maximize the projector’s performance

Using Geometry Manager Pro Software allows you to perform real-time geometric compensation and other fine adjustments and corrections that cannot be handled on the projector side.

Edge blending
Color matching

More Flexible & Functional Activation with the Upgrade Kits

Upgrade Kit for Geometry Manager Pro (ET-UK20)

The optional upgrade kit (ET-UK20) can be used to expand the correctable range for Geometry Manager Pro Software. It also supports Custom Masking, Uniformity Correction, and other useful functions for multi-projector setups (max. 64 units). Its flexible and complex projection capability suits a wide variety of screen shapes.


Auto Screen Adjustment Upgrade Kit (ET-CUK10)*

The ET-CUK10 Auto Screen Adjustment Upgrade Kit activates the Auto Screen Adjustment plug-in software. This plug-in software expands the functions of Geometry Manager Pro, and allows automatic adjustment of geometry correction, edge blending, color, and brightness according to the shape of the screen through use of an externally connected camera.

Allows automatic adjustment for multi-screen projection or curved-screen projection.

* A firmware update is required to use these functions. Available for use worldwide except in the United States.
Availability varies depending on the country. For more information, please contact the sales company in your region (Contact Information).

For downloading/activating the software and optional upgrade kits,
please visit the PASS system.

Multi-Screen Support System

The Multi-Screen Support System optimally adjusts multiple screens: Edge blending, Color matching and Digital image enlarging.

Edge Blending

The edges of adjacent screens can be blended and their luminance controlled.

Color Matching

This function corrects for slight variations in the color reproduction range of individual projectors.

Digital Image Enlarging

The digital zoom function* allows images to be enlarged up to 10 times (horizontally and vertically).** Up to 100 units (10 x 10) can be edge-blended at a time to create large,
multi-screen images.

* The digital zoom function is included only on certain models. For details, see the relevant product pages.

** While the input resolution will not change, maintaining image quality will not be possible for those images that are enlarged horizontally and vertically via the digital zoom function.


Closed Caption

The built-in closed caption decoder processes and displays the text information of closed-captioned content. This function saves the cost of an external decoder, and makes it an ideal teaching tool.

Note: Captions may not be displayed on some devices or software.

DICOM Simulation Mode*

This imaging mode is similar to DICOM part 14, which is a medical imaging standard. It reproduces X-ray images with remarkable clarity.

* This product is not a medical instrument. Do not use it for actual medical diagnosis.