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Projection Mapping

The Venetian® Macao-Resort-Hotel (China)

Why Panasonic?

Compact Design

Panasonic's large venue high brightness projectors feature a compact design. Whereas, equivalent class other brand models require three or more people and special equipment to carry them, Panasonic projectors can be carried by only two people. That helps to save shipping and labor costs.

Note: Comparison of 20,000-lm class projectors.

Four-Lamp or Dual-Lamp System

The four-lamp system or dual-lamp system allows the projector to keep working even if a lamp should fail.
This system achieves a long life and stable operation.

Four-Lamp System Continuous operation even if one lamp failed.Dual-Lamp System Continuous operation even if one lamp failed.

Geometric Adjustment

Projectors with a built-in Geometric Adjustment function expand projection capability onto spherical, cylindrical and other specially shaped screens. Other convenient functions include 4-Corner Adjustment and Keep Aspect Off.

Image showing various Geometric AdjustmentsImage showing various Geometric AdjustmentsImage showing various Geometric AdjustmentsImage showing various Geometric AdjustmentsImage showing various Geometric AdjustmentsImage showing various Geometric Adjustments

Geometry Manager Pro (Optional)

The optional upgrade kit featuring Geometry Manager Pro can be used to expand the correctable range. It also supports Color Matching, Edge Blending, Custom Masking (Line Masking or Bitmap Masking), Uniformity Correction, and other useful functions for multi-projector setups (max. 32 units). Its flexible and complex projection capability suits a wide variety of screen shapes.

Geometry Manager Pro offers flexible
and complex adjustment.

Example: Custom Masking (Bitmap Masking)

Create masking data.

Use it to overlap the projection image.

The image is projected only in the designated areas.

Portrait Mode

Portrait mode enables portrait projection. This adds more solutions for projection mapping, staging, and other needs.

Note: Usage conditions vary depending on the model. For details, see the relevant product pages.


Note: The image above shows an installation example. For information on actual usage, please consult your sales representative.

Why Panasonic?

  • High image quality from projectors with up to 20,000 lm of brightness and flat panel displays for video walls with up to 800-cd/m2 of brightness.
  • A Super Narrow Bezel for seamless large-screen layouts.
  • Projection from the ceiling or floor is possible using an Ultra-Short Throw Lens.
  • A variety of image patterns can be expressed using a Multi Window Processor.

Super Narrow Bezel

The super-narrow bezel results in joints that are only 4.9 mm* wide for video wall installations. Even in large-screen configurations, the screen borders can barely be seen, so images are powerful and natural.

* The bezel width varies depending on the model.
For details, see the specifications on the relevant product sites.

Ultra-Short Throw Lens (Optional)

Large-screen projection becomes possible in places where the ceiling was previously too high, or the stage was too shallow.

Featured Image: ET-DLE030
Product Information

Multi Window Processor (Optional)

The Multi Window Processor makes it possible to quickly and efficiently combine multiple flat panel displays and projectors into a video wall or a multi vision system.

Featured Image: ET-MWP100G
Product Information

The functions vary depending on the model. See and check the functionality of each model.