PT-CW330 Series

Ultra-short 1-chip DLP™ Projectors PT-CW331R/PT-CW330/PT-CW241R/PT-CW240/PT-CX301R/PT-CX300

Convenient Functions

“Wall Color Setting” Convenient for a Classroom with no Screen

The PT-CW331R/CW330/CW241R/CW240/CX301R/CX300 has an image mode performing optimal correction when projecting onto a blackboard and wall.
You can select an appropriate color for wall projection among five colors (white, light yellow, light blue, pink, and dark green (for blackboards)).

Easy to Replace the Lamp

Replace the lamp from the side of the projector. When replacing the lamp, there is no need to detach the projector from the ceiling bracket or the wall mount bracket.

“Security Bar” Useful for Protection against Theft

The PT-CW331R/CW330/CW241R/CW240/CX301R/CX300 is equipped with the "security bar" for preventing theft.

Wireless Remote Control is Convenient When Using More Than One Projector

A maximum of seven IDs (six IDs [ID1]-[ID6] and [ALL] ID) can be set up, allowing individual remote control of each projector.