PT-DZ8700/DZ110X Series

Brightness & Picture Quality
A compact body with 10,600 lm* of brightness and high picture quality has been achieved thanks to Panasonic's
dual-lamp system with 355-watt lamps.
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Reliability & Stability
The Auto Cleaning Filter, which eliminates filter replacements for about 10,000 hours, and the dual-lamp system provide stable operation for long use.
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Enhanced Installation Flexibility
A new and unique multi-unit brightness control function offers the flexibility to meet a wide range of applications.
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iF Design Award 2011
Ecology-Conscious Engineering and Design
Panasonic Projectors for Higher Education

* The PT-DW8300/DW90X has a brightness of 9,600 lumens.
* The PT-DZ8700 Series is the product number in North America, Latin America, and Taiwan.
The PT-DZ110X Series is the product number for the rest of the area.