LCD Projectors PT-EZ590 Series

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Flexibility and Performance to Meet Your Needs
Why Choose Panasonic?
People choose Panasonic because our products are highly dependable and meet the needs of professionals and
educators. The versatile PT-EZ590 Series, for example, serves up immersive pictures in almost any situation,
plug-and-play, with uncommonly low running costs. Like you, Panasonic projectors are working hard to deliver
results of the highest quality.
Reason 1 Natural Pictures in Bright Rooms

More than 30 years of hard-won experience stands behind every Panasonic projector we make. Innovative technology guarantees uncommonly bright and vivid pictures even in well-lit rooms.

Reason 2 System Flexibility

Long-reach single-cable AV control, powered lens shift/zoom/focus, and wide compatibility with existing infrastructure simplify and streamline setup for permanent or portable installations.

Reason 3 Low Total Cost of Ownership

From dust-resistant construction to long-life UHM lamp, the PT-EZ590 Series is engineered for trouble-free operation with very low maintenance, saving you time and money.

PT-FZ570 / PT-FW530 / PT-FX500

* To operate wireless projection, the optional Wireless Module ET-WML100 is required.

Engineering / Art classes
Lecture theaters
Meeting rooms

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Featuring a Dual Eco Filter, this compact and essentially dustproof projector is ideal for use in classrooms of small to moderate size, and features DIGITAL LINK for ease of installation.

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