PT-FW430 Series

LCD Projectors PT-FW430/PT-FX400

Installation and Operation Flexibility

2x Zoom Lens and Horizontal/Vertical Lens Shift

The 2x zoom lens and horizontal/vertical lens shift let you accommodate a wide range of room sizes and shapes.
When lights or ventilation holes are located in the ceiling mounting site, you can simply relocate the projector to avoid them.
And when replacing existing projectors, this can reduce costs by permitting the use of existing mounting positions and cablings.

NOTE: This illustration shows the projection distances of the PT-FW430.

Abundant Connection Terminals, Including HDMI

Interfaces include HDMI and DVI-I inputs. The serial terminal (RS-232C) has an Emulate function that lets you continue using existing control systems when replacing previous Panasonic models. It is also possible to output audio during Standby mode. This is convenient when connecting an external audio system through the projector.*

* Audio monitoring requires external speakers and an audio amplifier.

Easy Remote Monitoring and Control over a LAN

The PT-FW430 Series can be easily operated remotely over a LAN, because it is done using the computer’s Web browser. Furthermore, the projector sends an email message to notify the operator when an error has occurred, or a lamp needs to be replaced.
Panasonic’s original freeware, "Multi Projector Monitoring and Control Software Ver. 2.5," allows the user to control and monitor multiple projectors at the same time over a LAN.
This software also adds a new function that allows still images and text messages to be simultaneously distributed to multiple projectors.
And the PT-FW430 Series models are compatible with PJLink™ (class 1) to enable integrated control of systems that contain different brands of PJLink™-compatible projectors.

* Available from Multi Projector Monitoring and Control Software Ver.2.5.

Easy Wireless Projection from Multiple PCs (Optional)

The optional Wireless Module ET-WM200 allows the PT-FW430 Series to provide wireless projection of the same images that are displayed on the PC screen. There is no need to connect the PC with a VGA cable, so you get smooth video presentations with any system layout you want and it is also possible to transmit audio.
Settings for wireless connection can be made quickly and easily using Wireless Manager ME 5.5 software and you can also simultaneously project the images from multiple PCs up to 16 PCs using the "Multi- Live mode."
The wireless LAN security is also newly-compatible with the EAP (Extensible Authentication Protocol) (except for EAP-LEAP).

NOTE: Network functions such as Live mode and Multi-Live mode can also be used with a wired LAN.

Panasonic Wireless Projector for iOS/Android (Optional*)

Two types of application software – "Panasonic Wireless Projector for iOS" and "Panasonic Wireless Projector for Android" – are available for wireless data transmission from an iOS or Android device. They let you connect to a wireless-ready Panasonic projector to send and project PowerPoint, PDF, JPEG and other files.
This means you can easily project data stored on your tablet onto a large screen to share with others, allowing for a new form of highly engaging presentations. They can both be downloaded for free – the iOS version from the AppStore, and the Android version from Google Play.
Wireless PJ

* The ET-WM200 Wireless Module is required.

Side-by-Side Function*

The PT-FW430 can simultaneously display images from two sources onto a single screen. For example, you can display a PC image on the left and a video image on the right. Taking advantage of the widescreen projection, this function gives you a host of new application possibilities to explore.

* This function is not effective for some source combinations.

Side-by-Side Function*

Scheduling Function

Scheduled operation is possible using the built-in timer function, without having to use a PC and software.

Direct Power Off

Direct Power OffThe cooling fan continues to operate even when the main power switch is turned off after projection is finished. This also allows the power to be turned off by directly switching off the room’s main breaker for systems, such as ceiling mounted systems, where the main power switch cannot be reached.

15m (49ft) Long-Range Wireless Remote Control

15m (49ft) Long-Range Wireless Remote ControlA unique ID number can be assigned to each projector using the supplied wireless remote control unit. This allows operation of a desired projector when multiple units are set up at the same location. Three frequently used functions can be assigned to the Function buttons for instant recall.

Effective Theft Prevention with the Startup Logo

You can change the default Panasonic start up logo to any logo you want, such as your company’s logo for example. A new logo can be easily uploaded by connecting a computer to the projector through the LAN or serial connection by using the Logo Transfer Software*.
An abundance of other security measures are also included, such as a security bar, a user password, a control panel lock, and text superimposing. This is very effective for preventing theft.

* Still images that can be uploaded are limited to 1024 x 768 pixel bitmap files.
Also, the application will reduce the number of colors to 191.

Effective Theft Prevention with the Startup Logo

Quiet, 29 dB* Operation

The 29 dB* silent design ensures that you won’t be bothered by fan noise during operation.
It also lets listeners focus on what the presenter is saying as well as what is being shown on the projection screen.

* When the lamp mode is set to ECO; 33 dB when the lamp mode is set to Normal.
Measurement, measuring conditions and method of notation all comply with ISO 21118 international standards.

Easy Lamp and Air Filter Replacement

For easier maintenance, you can replace the lamp from the rear and the air filter through the side panel, even after the projector is installed on the ceiling. Furthermore, the replacement lamp unit ET-LAF100A can be used with all of the Panasonic PT-F100/F200/F300 Series projectors, for efficient lamp purchase planning.

Easy Lamp and Air Filter Replacement

Other Valuable Features

  • • Picture mode selection (standard/dynamic/natural/cinema/ whiteboard/blackboard):
    whiteboard and blackboard modes are convenient when projecting in rooms that do not have a screen.
  • • AV mute for image/sound muting
  • • Selectable 17-language onscreen menu
  • • Menu lock function
  • • Built-in closed caption decoder