1-Chip DLP™ Projectors PT-RZ370/PT-RW330

Operation Friendly

Image Reaches Full Brightness Quickly ― No Need to Wait for the Lamp to Warm Up

Images do not appear quickly with lamp-based projectors because the projector requires time to warm up. With the PT-RZ370/RW330, the image appears almost instantly. There’s also no cooling time required when turning the power off, so you can quickly turn the projector on and off as many times as needed.

Full brightness right away!

24/7 Operation

Ordinary lamps are not well suited to continuous operation.
Because the PT-RZ370/RW330 does not use a lamp, has efficient cooling system and uses DLP™ chip that has a long life, they are capable of 24/7 operation.

Scheduling Function

Scheduled operation is possible using the built-in timer function, without having to use a PC and software.

Effective Theft Prevention with the Startup Logo

You can change the default Panasonic start up logo to any logo you want. A new logo can be easily uploaded by connecting a computer to the PT-RZ370/RW330 through the LAN or serial connection by using the Logo Transfer Software.*
An abundance of other security measures are also included, such as a security bar, Key lock, and Security Password. This is very effective for preventing theft.

* Still images that can be uploaded are limited to 1024 x 768 pixel bitmap files.
Also, the application will reduce the number of colors to 191.

15 m (49 ft) Long-Range Wireless Remote Control

A unique ID number can be assigned to each projector using the supplied wireless remote control unit.
This allows operation of a desired projector when multiple units are set up at the same location.
Three frequently used functions can be assigned to the Function buttons for instant recall.

Eco Management Functions

A number of functions are provided to reduce power consumption.
You can easily set the Eco Management functions according to operating conditions
by using the "ECO" button on the remote control.

"ECO" button on the remote control
  • Light source mode selectable among
  • Adjusts the brightness according to ambient light
    conditions, and reduces the light source power.
  • Reduces the light source power when there is no signal input or the projector is in AV Mute mode.
Light source mode
NORMAL Prioritizes brightness.
ECO SAVE 1 Reduces power consumption by approximately 20 % on average while leaving brightness almost unchanged.
ECO SAVE 2 Minimizes brightness reduction while reducing power consumption by approximately 30 % on average.
LOW Prioritizes low power consumption.