PT-TW230 Series

LCD Projectors PT-TW231R/PT-TW230

Short Throw with Interactive Function*

80-inch Wide Screen Images with a Projection Distance of 0.86 m (2.82')

Close range projection reduces not only shadows of the presenter but also glare of the projection light,
making lectures and meetings less stressful.

Eliminating glare of the projection light and the shadow on the screen

The Interactive Function Allows Writing on a Projected Image*

You can write letters or draw figures on the projected image with an interactive pen. Then you can store these letters and figures in a computer.
The interactive function allows efficient and effective presentations and promotes information sharing.

*The interactive function: PT-TW231R only.

Using the Interactive Functions

Write: Write on a projected image
Interactive CameraSave: Save text or figures written on the projected image in a computerPCsShare: Share the data with others

Benefits of the Interactive Functions

You can write notes and point out information on the screen with the interactive pen/pointer.
No need for dedicated interactive whiteboards.
During presentations, you can operate the computer by using the interactive pen/pointer on the projected image surface.
You can instantly store the decisions made during meetings and share them with others.

What You Need for Interactive Projection

Short Throw Interactive Projector (PT-TW231R)Interactive Pen / PointerApplication Software (Light Pen II) Software Download

Note: In order to allow the sensor of the projector to accurately detect the position of projected screen,
please install the Light Pen II software and execute the calibration first.

Creating new styles of lectures, training, meetings and presentations

For better understanding of lectures

The teacher makes the students write answers on the whiteboard to increase their feelings of involvement in the class and their levels of understanding.

For facilitating information-sharing meeting

You can immediately digitalize the contents written on the screen for information sharing.

For more realistic training

The presenter writes key points and new data on the whiteboard in real time to conduct realistic training.

For more compelling presentations

Projection and writing on a large screen make presentations more compelling.