Quick and Easy! Easy Wireless Stick ET-UW100

ET-UW100 enables quick and easy wireless projection from your PC to the projector. Enjoy speedy wireless projection by simply plugging the ET-UW100 into your PC’s USB terminal.
There's no cable, so you also enjoy a high degree of flexibility in your system layout.

Quick and Easy! Easy Wireless Stick ETSimply Plug the Wireless Stick into a PC and Start Projecting! Compatible with Mac and Windows
  • 3 Easy Steps to Wireless Projection
  • Easy, Fast and Versatile Performance
  • Useful Features
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* The availability of the ET-UW100 varies depending on the country.
Please contact your sales representative for more information.
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ET-UW100 Firmware Update Tool (for Windows/Mac)
ET-UW100 FAQ (for Mac)