The Bright, Compact Portable / LCD Projectors PT-VW435N PT-VW430 PT-VX505N PT-VX500

Presenting the PT-VW430 Series with its brighter and crisper projection. The Daylight View Basic function produces easy-to-see images even in bright rooms, and the new Wireless Manager ME 6.0 enables high-speed wireless projection.*

Advanced Portable Projectors with High Brightness, Wireless Functions,* and Abundant Features.
  • Superb Performance in a Compact Body
  • Quick and Easy Wireless Projection
  • Convenient Functions for a Variety of Applications
Panasonic Wireless Projector for iOS/Android
Break the chain. Go Wireless!
Panasonic Projectors for Higher Education

* Wireless function: PT-VW435N/VX505N only.
** The availability of the PT-VW430/VX500 varies depending on the country. Please contact your sales representative for information on available models.