Whiteboard Software

This is a software application that lets you operate interactive function. Requiring no PC installation, it can be started and used
from external memory.
Before using the Whiteboard software, the SP Driver must be installed and calibration must be done.
For specific instructions, refer to the operating instructions.

Compatible Projector Models

PT-CW331R / CW241R / CX301R
PT-TW331R / TX301R (Discontinued models)
PT-TW341R* (Discontinued model)
Note: To operate interactive function, supplied Interactive pen or optional Interactive pointer is required.

* SP Driver settings must be made to use the Whiteboard software on Windows® 8.1 or Windows® 10

Latest Version Version 5.2.1
Update information (Version 5.1.0)
    • Supports Windows® 10.
    • Added a musical staff notation to the whiteboard background pattern.
    • Corrected a minor problem.

System Requirements


Windows® 7 Service Pack 1 (Except for Starter and Home Basic versions)
Windows® 8.1 (Except for Windows® RT)
Windows® 10 Pro
Windows® 10 Home

* Compatible with Japanese, English, Russian, German, Spanish, French, Italian or Chinese versions of the above operating systems.

CPU Intel Architecture (Intel® Core™ 2 processor or later)
Interface USB 2.0
RAM 32-bit version: 2 GB or more
64-bit version: 4 GB or more
Disk space 250 MB or more of free space
(In some cases, an additional 1.5 GB is necessary for installing the Microsoft®.NET Framework.)

Resolution: XGA (1,024 x 768) - Full HD (1,920 x 1,080)
Colors: 32 bit or more

* Only the primary monitor is supported when using multiple monitors.

Needed Software Software library Microsoft®. NET Framework 3.5.1 or later
(Except for .NET Framework 4.5.2)
Microsoft® Office
PowerPoint 2007, PowerPoint 2010 (32bit),
PowerPoint 2013 (32bit)


・Please notice that it is not guaranteed of the proper operations for system requirements other than the above mentioned requirements
or for self-made computers.

・If the USB port monitor software is working, the Whiteboard software or the SP Driver software may not work properly.
In this case, please exit the monitor software before using the Whiteboard software or the SP Driver software.

・If either LightPen3 or LightPen3_Lite interactive software is already installed in your computer, note that the Whiteboard software and LightPen3/LightPen3_Lite software cannot be run at the same time.

Even all the requirements are meet, there is not guaranteed operations for all computers.

Downloading and Installing the SP Driver

The SP Driver differs among the PT-TW351R, the PT-TW343R/TW341R, the PT-CW331R/CW241R/CX301R, and the PT-TW331R/TX301R.
Download the appropriate driver for the projector you are using.

For the PT-TW351R

DownloadSPDriver9_v9.6W.0307.exe (643 KB)

For the PT-TW343R/TW341R

The SP Driver to be used varies depending on the serial number on the projector body.
Confirm the method for checking the serial number prior to downloading.

For a serial number prior to "DH6340156"

DownloadSPDriver6_v6.4.0522P.exe (635 KB)

For a serial number of "DH6340156" or after

DownloadSPDriver9_v9.6W.0307.exe (643 KB)

For the PT-CW331R/CW241R/CX301R

DownloadSPDriver_v1.02.0014.exe (612 KB)

For the PT-TW331R/TX301R

DownloadSPDriver5_v1.01.0009.exe (635 KB)

When using both the PT-CW331R/CW241R/CX301R and PT-TW331R/TX301R with a single PC, see the Notes below.

How to Download and Install

1. Click the "Download" button above.
2. Double click "Setup.exe" (SP Driver).

Downloading the Whiteboard Software (82.1 MB)

How to Download and Install

1. Click the Download button above and the "Software Licensing Agreement" window will appear.
Select [Agree] and the installer will begin to download automatically.

2. Once the installer has been downloaded, double click
This will uncompress the installation files and create a folder named WhiteBoardSoft_v521.

3. Double click the "WhiteBoard.exe" in the WhiteBoardSoft_v521 folder.

Notes: When using the interactive function of both the PT-CW331R/CW241R/CX301R and
PT-TW331R/TX301R with a single PC.

The SP Driver differs between the PT-CW331R/CW241R/CX301R and the PT-TW331R/TX301R.
When using the interactive function of both the PT-CW331R/CW241R/CX301R and PT-TW331R/TX301R with a single PC,
use the following procedure to install the SP Driver.

1. Download and install the SP Driver for the PT-CW331R/CW241R/CX301R first.
2. Then, download and install the SP Driver for the PT-TW331R/TX301R.
3. Connect the projector in which the interactive function will be used to the PC with a USB cable.

Depending on the PC being used, a screen to confirm auto playback operation may appear prior to the setup screen during
step 1 to 2. If the [AutoPlay] screen appears, close the screen.
(Do not click [Run setup.exe].)

* Depending on the PC being used, it may take 1-2 minutes for the screen to appear.

The illustrations and screenshots in this page may be different from those on your computer.
In addition, the specification of this software is subject to change without notice.